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SAPR Victim Advocacy Training

Course Title:                USMC SAPR Victim Advocacy Training


Jan 7-11, 2019           GRC Rm 164-165
Mar 4-8, 2019            GRC Rm 164-165
May 6-10, 2019          GRC Rm 164-165
Jul 8-12, 2019            MCA Conf Rm
Sep 30-Oct 4, 2019    MCA Conf Rm


• This is 5-day, 40-hour period of instruction
• Per MCO 1752.5B, this course is designed to train newly assigned Command Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) Victim Advocate (VAs) who will perform duties within the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program


• Marine Corps Association Conference Room
• 715 Broadway Street, Quantico, VA  22134
• Conference Room, which is located on the 1st Floor, center of the Marine Corps Association Building. 
• Ample parking is provided across the street in front of the Marine Corps Association Building.

Gray Research Center/ Base Library
•Bldg 2040, Broadway Street, Quantico Virginia 22134
•Room 164-165 (1nd Floor and to the right)
•Parking:  Parking garage is located directly in front of the Gray Research Center

• 0900 until 1700 on the first day. Start time will be adjusted thereafter. This will allow students ample time to locate the classroom.
• Expect heavy traffic in the morning upon entering Marine Corps Base Quantico
• Students must attend each full day of training for certification
• Return flights should not be scheduled prior to 1900 on Friday.  Students may forfeit their certificate if they leave prior to the completion of all training modules and the required practical exercises.

• The individual's Service 'Uniform of the Day'
• Both Military and Civilian personnel are advised to bring a jacket or sweater

• The Crossroads Inn, Bldg. 3018, (703) 630-4444, or 1-800-965-9511
• Liversedge Hall, Bldg. 0015, (703) 784-3149 or (703) 432-1349
• Both Facilities can provide a listing of local hotels in the Quantico, Virginia area

• Funding is at the expense of the individual unit or parent command.  MCINCR-MCB Quantico does not provide TAD funding for any personnel attending this course.

Training Materials and Requirements:
• All students must have been screened by their Commanding Officer in accordance with MCO 1752.5B Chap 4, par 2 and Appendix F
• All students are expected to read MCO 1752.5B prior to attending the course
• Student training materials (a Participants Guide) will be provided
• Duties and responsibilities of the SAPR VA can be found in MCO 1752.5B
Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP):
• Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Victim Advocates (Civilian SAPR VAs and Uniformed Victim Advocates (UVAs)) who are not credentialed, cannot act in the capacity of a SARC or SAPR VA, and cannot provide services to victim - nor are they authorized to provide any command/unit annual training on Sexual Assault
• D-SAACP certification requirements include the Department of Defense Form (DD Form) 2950, “Department of Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program Application Packet” and a certificate of completion of 40-hours of National Advocate Credentialing Program approved training.  Application instructions are provided on the DD Form 2950 dated MARCH 2015. The DD Form 2950 and 2950-1 (for renewals) are located at the DoD Forms Management Program website at:
• http://www.esd.whs.mil/Directives/forms/dd2500_2999/   or https://www.trynova.org/credentialing/d-saacp-dod/
• Reference:  Department of Defense Instruction 6495.03 – “Defense Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP)” April 7th, 2017

Additional References:
• MARADMIN 610/12, “Credentialing Certification of Sexual Assault Response Coordinators, Victim Advocates, and Uniformed Victim Advocates”
• DoD Directive 6495.01, “ Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) Program,” April 11th, 2017
• DoD Instruction 6495.02, “Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program Procedures,” May 24th, 2017, as amended
• DoD Instruction 5505.18, “Investigation of Adult Sexual Assault in the Department of Defense,” March 22nd, 2017, as amended
• Chapter 47 of Title 10, United States Code
• Manual for Courts-Martial, United States, current version

Contact Information:
•  For administrative matters or for disenrollment, please call (703) 784-3557

SAPR Victim Advocacy Traning Registration
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MCINCR-MCBQ Sexual Assault Prevention &
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715-A Broadway Street
Marine Corps Association Annex, 3rd Floor
Quantico, VA 22134
Office Hours:
MCINCR-MCBQ 24/7 Sexual Assault Support Line:
(703) 432-9999, 24-hours/7-days a week
MCINCR-MCBQ Installation Sexual Assault
Response Coordinator (SARC):

(703) 784-3557
MCINCR-MCBQ SAPR Project Officer/
SAPR Victim Advocate:

(703) 784-3557
MCINCR-MCBQ SAPR Program Assistant/
SAPR Victim Advocate:

(703) 432-1419
MCINCR-MCBQ Civilian SAPR Victim Advocates:
(703) 784-3776
(703) 784-3836
Regional Victims’ Legal Counsel (VLC)
(703) 784-4514