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On behalf of the Marines, Sailors, civilian employees and their families, welcome to Quantico, the Crossroads of the Marine Corps.

Since 1917, Quantico has initiated Marine Corps concepts, doctrine, training, and equipment for our Corps. The Marine Corps and other branches of service look to Quantico to lead the way with technological advances as well as creative and innovative thinking for present and future battles. Quantico is also the academic platform for the Corps, from Officer Candidates School to the Marine Corps University.

Quantico is just a short drive south of our nation's capital and I encourage you to take full advantage of the many historical monuments and sites that are unique to this area. Whether assigned here as a student, permanent personnel, or a family member, you will become part of a community that reflects a rich heritage while enjoying our many social, civic and professional opportunities.

We are constantly updating this site to better serve you and hope it provides you with the latest information regarding Quantico, its mission, and our people.

Once again, welcome to Quantico.

Base Commander
Marine Corps Base, Quantico 


 Many Marines and organizations in the National Capital Region rely on Marine Corps Base Quantico as the primary source for a variety of services. For more information on what services are provided to whom please click here.

Marine Corps Base Quantico