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Our mission is to provide limited intermediate level supply and supply support, property control, retail supply support and fuel distribution to MCB Quantico and tenant activities within the Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region (MCINCR) in support of their operational planning and mission accomplishment.



Property control office

Provide Personnel Support Equipment (PSE) to tenant activities and Collateral Equipment for Military Construction (MILCON) projects.  Manage a contract for the repair of washers and dryers in bachelor enlisted quarters.  Account for garrison, GME, and plant property. Operate PCO Warehouse West for the redistribution or disposal of General Equipment. PCO Warehouse West has no affiliation with DRMO and is a tool for Marine Corps Base Quantico Activities to properly dispose of garrison property without going to Richmond, VA DLADS (DRMO). We accept Less Than a Truck Load (LTL) by appointment only.  PCO Warehouse West also provides on-site disposal of scrap wood, providing our bins are not full. In the case our scrap bins are full; Landfill Tickets will be issued for the scrap to be taken to the Stafford Landfill. Appointments required.

For additional DRMS guidance and assistance use website.

If you use the ETID’s program to create your 1348, the Transfer Site will not be able to provide you a receipt at your scheduled appointment. You will have to wait for your receipt to come by mail. It is recommended that if you are going to use PCO Warehouse West, use the DD Form 1348-1A. It can be found online.

No HAZMAT material can be disposed of at the site.



USMC ServMart is a partnership between the U.S. Marine Corps and the U.S. General Services Administration to provide supply support for Marines worldwide. In addition to traditional "brick and mortar" retail stores on select Marine bases, the program is operated through the USMC ServMart Web site. Marine users can find and order office supplies, tools and computer products for delivery anywhere on the globe.

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Reparable Issue Point (RIP)

Provide a source for direct exchange of secondary reparable items. This is to support second, third and fourth echelon maintenance efforts.  The RIP accomplishes its mission by storing, receiving and issuing recoverable secondary reparable items.


Fuel Farm

To plan, procure and store contaminant-free, dry fuel and to deliver the correct fuel to the correct customer in a safe, timely and efficient manner


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3250 Caitlin Ave
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NRC Location (Bldg 3169):  (703) 630-3126
Officer Candidate School (Bldg 3209): (703) 784-4365 (OCS USE ONLY)
The Basic School (Bldg 24114): (703) 630-3745

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