The goal is to supplement our professional law enforcement agency with individuals that are well trained, disciplined, and responsive to the Marine Corps Community, and shares in the reputation of the force it protects.


In order to be considered for the Police Officer position you must have a minimum of 6 months Armed Security or Law Enforcement experience. For employment, you must be able to meet and maintain these standards and requirements:


Physical Agility Test

Physical Health Exam

Drug Test

Body Mass Index

Background Investigation

Graduation from the USMC Police Academy

Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI-II)




Physical Agility Test (PAT)

You must be able to complete the Physical Agility Test (PAT) on multiple occasions. This test consists of:


300 Meter Run:       71.0 seconds

Crunches:               25 crunches/1 minute

Pushups:                20 pushups/2 minute

1.5 Mile Run:          16:28 minutes        

Dummy Drag:         25 feet distance


Height, Weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and/or body fat requirements


Physical and agility (PAT), body mass index (BMI) and or body fat(BF) requirements for the Police Officer GS-0083 positions is as follows:



As an applicant you cannot be any more than 29.99% body mass index for your height and weight per guidance found in ALMAR dtd 18 Apr 2008 (determined by trainers when you show for the PAT and BMI check). 


If you are a body builder you may be over on BMI but within BF of no more than 22% for males and 30% or less for females.  For body fat you will be taped by one of our HSSI trainers.


Failure to pass the above within 30 days from date of first Physical and Agility Test (PAT) will mean that you must reapply for any further consideration.




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