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Maj Livi ACS G-1  
Mr. Brian Held Branch Head 432-1979
Ms. Melissa White  784-2167 
Mr. M. Mark Manieri     784-3101 
Mr. Jacob Creger 
Ms. C. Elizabeth Jackson
Ms. Amanda Reeves


Ms. Latonia Talley  784-2178 
Mr. Robert Shin 784-2367


To provide Base Operating Support functions for execution of the overall mission of Marine Corps Combat Development Command, to include: civilian manpower administration over all matters pertaining to civilian manpower management to include position management, Table of Manpower Requirements, and miscellaneous administrative functions for the workforce of approximately 1400 civilians with additional support requirements for various tenant activities; To promote and develop a more effective workforce through ongoing review/assessment of organizational civilian manpower requirements resulting in a high-quality work environment through the management of a comprehensive leadership development and training program; To aide in the promotion of workplace safety programs that contribute to enhanced morale and productivity, and dramatically reduces workers compensations costs; and to manage and promote workforce performance incentives and recognition programs that foster accomplishment and teamwork leading to increased employee morale and dedication.


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