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Liberty Military Housing HAS ASSUMED management of the waitlist
For waitlist information and when housing might come available for you and your family, please contact Liberty Military Housing.

(703) 432-8500                        

    Procedure to Apply for Housing

    Complete the following documents:
    1. Supplemental Questionnaire
    2. Sex Offender Policy Form
    3. Privacy Act Release Form
    4. DD1746

    MCU STUDENTS: Click here for the 2024-2025 Student Housing Letter

    A Service Member can place his/her name on the wait list for privatized housing before arriving by emailing a DD 1746 Housing Application (use EDIPI vice SSN) with a copy of Web Orders or Original Permanent Change of Station Orders for assignment within National Capital Region/MCBQ, completed Sex Offender Disclosure Certification Form, Privacy Act Release Form for Property Managers (Liberty Military Housing) and Supplemental Questions (including pet Rabies and Microchip information) to the following email address . See below for links to all forms.  In those cases when personnel are selected or frocked for promotion they will be assigned and occupy housing designated for their selected pay grade.  Housing application (DD 1746) without the required supporting documentation will be viewed as incomplete and will not be processed.

    Housing Applications for service members other than Marines must include dependency verification.

    Dependency Verification:
    Navy – Page 2 — (BAH/Dependency Data Form)
    Army – DD Form 93 — (Record of Emergency Data Form)
    Air Force – DD Form 93 — (Record of Emergency Data Form)
    Coast Guard – CG-4170A — (BAH/Dependency Data Form)

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm receipt.


    Once you have applied for housing, you may contact Liberty Military Housing at (703) 432-8500 or to receive your position on the waiting list.



    Liberty Military Housing follows levels of priority, as established in the Marine Corps base order, for all housing applications received:

    • Key & essential, wounded warrior and EFMP with priority assigned to MCB Quantico
    • Active duty assigned to MCBQ and independent duty marine corps (recruiters, inspector-instructors, reserve officer training corps instructors, etc.) if within a 60-minute driving radius to base
    • All active duty service members stationed at other installations within a 60-minute driving radius to base

    If all applicants at the higher level of priority are housed, LMH will then proceed to the next level of priority to fill any remaining vacancies.

    housing referral service

    Housing Referral counselors are in place to assist you with your off-base housing needs. Please visit the Off-Base Referral Page for more information.

    Before making any rental agreement, lease agreement, or purchasing a home, you shall report to the Family Housing Office which has the responsibility for providing housing referral services at the Installation to which you are assigned.

    reporting in

    Upon arrival to Quantico the Service Member will be required to complete his/her application process with a copy of his/her PCS orders and Reporting Endorsement. If a Service Member is accepting PPV housing they must have first reported to IPAC, Bldg 2006, or IBI on MOL, and performed a complete check-in.


    Service Members who fail to Report to the Family Housing Office with IPAC Endorsement to Original Orders within 30 days of Reporting to Marine Corps Base Quantico will forfeit a DMO Local Move at government expense from authorized off-base communities into PPV Housing. 

    Note: If a Service Member has applied for Housing, is on appropriate Waiting List, and should PPV Family Housing not be available to the Service Member immediately upon reporting then having had to enter into a legally enforceable agreement for civilian housing, the Family Housing Office, once a home is made available to the Service Member, will certify to the Distribution Management Office that the Service Member rates a Local Move at government expense from Spotsylvania County, City of Fredericksburg, Stafford County, or Prince William County into PPV Housing aboard MCB Quantico


    Submission of the qualifying documents will place the Service Member's name on the appropriate waiting list; However, Service Members must report/check-in with their Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC), Personnel Support Detachment (PSD), or unit prior to accessing privatized housing and must physically report to the Family Housing Branch as part of the reporting-in procedures.


    Sex Offender

    In order to preserve the morale, welfare, good order and discipline, registered sex offenders will be denied residence in privatized housing aboard this installation.


    assignment to quarters

    In order to occupy assigned quarters (Keys in Hand): Service Member must present the Family Housing Office with

    • IPAC or IBI Reporting Endorsement (Navy - stamped orders verifying check-in date, Airforce/Army - letter from Command verifying you are checked in)

    • Copy of Original Orders

    • Completed Pet Registration Form

    • Copy of Rabies Vaccination Certification

    • Copy of Micro-Chip Certification

    Note: Liberty Military Housing will also require you to present them with a picture of the pet by hardcopy or email for inclusion into the lease file.


    renters insurance

    resident energy conservation program

    Effective 1 April 2020 RECP suspended Due to DoD Guidance

    The Resident Energy Conservation Program is the result of Department of Defense initiative that is being implemented in all Public-Private Venture family housing units aboard all Marine Corps installations. The RECP supports the Marine Corps energy strategy by encouraging energy conservation and reducing electricity costs.

    RECP’s goal is to promote good stewardship of our resources and environment through awareness, personal responsibility and education. In an effort to encourage energy conservation, Base housing residents receive monthly utility consumption statements so they are fully informed about their energy usage.

    Residents within +/- 10% of the average usage for their type of home will have no cost impact. Residents using less energy than the +/- 10% average will be rewarded with cash/credit. Residents using more energy than the +/- 10% average will be billed for excess energy use.

    Each family can influence their own destiny.

    Savings generated by the RECP will be reinvested into PPV housing to improve homes, playgrounds, community centers and quality of life for Service Members and their families.

    For more information on the RECP please go to

    NOTE: Effective 1 May 2015 there is no longer a Three Month Mock Billing period, Live Billing begins at time of move-in.


    Click HERE for the Marine Corps Installations Command Policy Letter on the Public Private Venture Dispute Resolution Process 


                (703) 784-2711 or DSN (312) 278-2711    


                13201 Perkins St, Quantico, VA    


                   (703) 784-2291 or DSN (312) 278-2291    

            (703) 784-5958 or DSN (512) 278-5958            

          (703) 784-2711 or DSN (312) 278-27111    



    On Oct. 1, 2003, a Public Private Venture was created between Marine Corps Base Quantico and Hunt, Lincoln, Clark LLC. Effective November 2, 2021 Lincoln Military Housing renamed Liberty Military Housing. Housing aboard MCB Quantico is owned, managed and maintained by Liberty Military Housing. For more information on Liberty Military Housing and their services, click here.

    Family Housing consists of 1,137 Family Quarters, including 11 General Officer Quarters. There are no mobile home pads available on Marine Corps Base Quantico. 


    Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for military families through a true partnership between the government and the private sector, providing best value solutions and fostering a community that reflects Marine Corps values.



    “Together – to standout as one of the best Military Housing Offices in the Marine Corps."


    Marine Corps Base Quantico