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Unrestricted Reporting

This option is recommended for victims of sexual assault who desire medical treatment, counseling and an official investigation of the crime.  When selecting unrestricted reporting, you should use current reporting channels, e.g. chain of command, law enforcement or report the incident to the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), or request healthcare providers to notify law enforcement.  Upon notification of a reported sexual assault, the SARC will immediately assign a Uniformed Victim Advocate (VA) or Victim Advocate (VA).  At the victim’s discretion/request, the healthcare provider shall conduct a sexual assault forensic examination (SAFE), which may include the collection of evidence.  Details regarding the incident will be limited to only those personnel who have a legitimate need to know.

Unrestricted Reporting Example

  • Service Member Smith arrives at the base medical emergency room and reports she has been sexually assaulted.  Healthcare providers immediately notify the SARC and begin administration of any emergency medical treatment as appropriate.
  • The SARC assigns a UVA/VA to assist Service Member Smith.  The UVA/VA meets Service Member Smith at the hospital, explains the Unrestricted/Restricted Reporting options and processes associated with each to include applicable pros/cons.
  • Service Member Smith elects the Unrestricted Reporting option.
  • The UVA/VA immediately notifies the appropriate Criminal Investigative Service and the victim’s unit commander.
  • Criminal Investigators arrive and begin the investigation.
  • Service Member Smith is asked if she would like a SAFE, and she agrees.
  • The UVA/VA advises the Healthcare Provider that Service Member Smith has elected the Unrestricted Reporting option and would like a SAFE.
  • Forensic evidence of the assault is collected by healthcare providers, and at its conclusion, criminal investigators take chain of custody.
  • The Healthcare Provider determines and schedules follow-up medical treatment as appropriate.
  • The UVA/VA advises the SARC that Service Member Smith has elected the Unrestricted Reporting option.
  • In addition to any current existing channels of notification, within 24 hours of Service Member Smith’s Unrestricted report, the SARC will inform the Senior Commander that an assault has occurred, and provide the Commander with the details of the assault.
  • The SARC maintains information regarding the number of sexual assaults for both unrestricted and restricted reports.  Restricted report numbers will be included in the annual report.  The SARC will also capture trends and perform trend analysis.
  • The UVA/VA maintains communications and contact with victim as needed for continued victim support.
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