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Photo Studio Hours of Operation:

By appointment only
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday 0800-1600
Thursday 0800-1200 

Phone: 703 784-2703


The photographic section provides support for MCINCR-MCB Quantico and designated tenant organizations in a technically proficient manner. We provide administrative photography to include: OMPF photos, official command board photos, official passports, ISOPrep photos, citizenship and naturalization photos, as well as 360 degree photos in PT gear. We also provide operational coverage, based on order of precedence and advance notification, to include: base exercises, community outreach events, change of command/ relief and appointment ceremonies, retirement ceremonies for the rank of E9/CWO5/06 and higher, and official passport photos for deploying units. Additional official requests will be considered based upon photographer availability. A 24-hour duty photographer is available to all tenant commands aboard MCBQ.  The Duty photographer will respond to any routine or emergency calls from Provost Marshall’s Office (PMO), Criminal Investigation Division (CID), Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Base Fire Department, and the Marine Corps Air Facility (MCAF) Crash Fire and Rescue.


For administrative photography services please bring the following:

Official command board photo: official command billet description appointment letter or letter stating you won a battalion level or higher board.

Official passports: web orders or a DD1056 form

Citizenship or naturalization photo: citizenship letter from legal

See MARADMIN 369/21 for guidance on OMPF photo requests

Photo Production requests for Marine Corps Base and Tenant Activities are submitted through a Production Request by clicking on the button below.

important notice 17 may 2024

MMPB-22 no longer works request to update the OMPF that are received at any of our SMB (Organizational Mailboxes).  Per MARADMIN 412/23 ORMA is the primary means for all Marines to review and submit update requests to their OMPF.  Marines submitting photos to the OMPF must utilize ORMA to submit the these documents.  

To gain access please follow this link to our Official home page review the information and then use the (COMSTRAT) User Guide to request access to O-RMA on the right side of the page under the Admin Resources.  Once all requirements are complete then your permissions will be granted by me and you can begin to use ORMA.  

OMPF – Records Management Application (O-RMA) – Marines MRA (

COMSTRAT Marines submitting photos using ORMA must also convert those photos from JPEGs to Microsoft print to PDF files before creating the requests to submit the photos as ORMA only accepts PDF's.

“HQMC, Manpower and Performance Branch understands that the requirement to still take the photo annually is not going away, however MARADMIN 491/20 clearly states that due to US Law the photos are not authorized to be viewed and or used in any capacity related to Promotion Boards, or selections to assignments, training, education and command.  Therefore during the in brief for all boards it is once again clearly stated to all members that they will not see nor have access to anything related to the photo during the board process.  We want to be very clear to all that this requirement to not use the photo has been and will continue to be enforced as required by law.”  This is the official response from HQMC Manpower and Performance Branch regarding the photo.

All OMPF photos/Command Board photos/Passports photo requests are scheduled
by calling (703) 784-2704/2703 to make an appointment. Sorry for any

If you experience any difficulties submitting a photo request, call (703) 784-2703

Marine Corps Base Quantico