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The Inbound Branch serves as the single centralized inbound department for the units being serviced by IPAC Quantico.   All PCS, Low Cost PCS and Reservists ordered to active duty (unless reporting to the MOB Processing Center) processing will be accomplished at this location.  PCA within MCB Quantico will be handled by the Outbound Branch.

Reporting Instructions

All Marine Corps personnel reporting to Quantico during normal working hours will report in FIRST to their respective S-1 admin office, then follow up with the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) located on the second deck of Building 2006, Hawkins Avenue, (Headquarters & Service Battalion Building). The Installation Personnel Administration Center phone number is (703) 784-4479. Upon reporting in, IPAC will provide initial administrative check-in assistance including personnel record updates, Original Orders Endorsements, Travel Claims, Unit Diary and Assignment to the Welcome Aboard Briefing. After completing IPAC check-in, personnel are turned over to their assigned Battalion/ Squadron level Headquarters for issuance of their Check-in Sheets and further in-processing.

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