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Marine Corps Base, Quantico is located off of Interstate 95 in Virginia, 36 miles south of Washington D.C. and 20 miles north of Fredericksburg. From I-95: Take exit 150, Quantico/Triangle. Take route 619 east to the entrance of the base. Marine sentries assist visitors arriving at the base; visitors are issued temporary vehicle passes and given directions to their destination. Proper identification, such as a state driver's license, is required to get onto base.

The two airports closest to MCB Quantico are Dulles International, located in Centerville, Va., and Ronald Reagan Washington National, in Washington, D.C. Shuttle services are available from both. The town of Quantico is a stop for both Amtrak and Virginia Railway Express train services.

All Marine Corps personnel reporting to Quantico during normal working hours will report in to the Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) located on the second deck of Building 2006, Hawkins Avenue, (Headquarters & Service Battalion Building). The Installation Personnel Administration Center phone number is (703) 784-4479. Upon reporting in, IPAC will provide initial administrative check-in assistance including personnel record updates, Original Orders Endorsements, Travel Claims, Unit Diary and Assignment to the Welcome Aboard Briefing. After completing IPAC check-in, personnel are turned over to their assigned Battalion/ Squadron level Headquarters for issuance of their Check-in Sheets and further in-processing.



All personnel reporting in after normal working hours will check in with the Area Officer of the Day, located at Headquarters & Service Battalion, Bldg. 2006, for administrative and temporary billeting assistance. On the first work day after arriving, personnel will report to IPAC for check-in processing. The Command Duty Officer phone number is (703) 784-2707/4096. Navy personnel will report directly to the Navy Personnel Office, directed in their orders or, after normal working hours, the Information Desk at the Naval Medical Clinic, (703) 784-2525. Officers and Staff NCOs requiring bachelor housing will report to the Bachelor Housing Office in Liversedge Hall for assignment.

reserve marines

CHECK-IN PROCEDURES. All Reservists are required to check in either by phone or in person with the Reserve Support Unit, 26102 Bailey Avenue, Camp Upshur on the first day of duty. Normal working hours are 0730 to 1700 Monday through Friday. The RSU Admin / Program Manager Section provides support and technical assistance to individual Reservists and program management for the Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) Program and the Individual Mobilization Augmentee (IMA) Program aboard Quantico.

Hours of Operation - Monday-Friday 0730-1630 Excluding Holidays Office Phone - (703) 784-2127/2128/5933 DSN: 278 Fax - (703) 784-5430 DSN: 278

If you arrive after normal working hours:
All Marines must check-in with the Headquarters and Service Battalion duty officer in Building 2006, Mainside. The duty will endorse your orders and provide temporary lodging to all sergeants and below until the next workday. SNCOs and officers requiring lodging will be directed to Liversedge Hall, 15 Liversedge Drive, for lodging. If lodging is not available at Liversedge, you must obtain a non-availability statement from the Liversedge staff prior to going to a hotel.

welcome aboard briefing

It is mandatory for all newly joined personnel in the grades of E-1 through E-6, WO-1, and O-1 through O-2  to attend the Commander's Welcome Aboard Briefing (WAB). As part of the check-in processing performed by IPAC, included in the Orders Endorsement Memorandum Letter issued by IPAC is a paragraph which directs attendance at the WAB on your scheduled date. The Commander's Welcome Aboard Brief is held every third Monday of the month from 10am-11:30am, at The Clubs at Quantico, located at 3017 Russell Road. It is designed to inform newcomers about programs and services aboard Quantico and includes information on recreation, education, medical services, local legal issues, safety issues, chapel programs, etc.  Time and date are subject to change. To confirm dates or for questions regarding Welcome Aboard Brief, please contact the Relocation Office at 703-784-2659.


Free Child Care available for Welcome Aboard Participants. Limited Space - Pre-Registration required - Call Child Development: 703-784-0674.

Personal Readiness Seminar

All incoming first duty station Marines must attend the Personal Readiness Seminar, held monthly at the Religious and Family Services Center, 3019 Embry Loop. For information regarding specific dates and times, contact Louis Bromley, Financial Counselor, at 703-784-2650.

quantico mass notification system

During inclement weather and emergency situations, notification will be made a variety of ways including the mass notification system. For instructions on signing up for Quantico’s mass notification system please click here. Please also follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for up-to-date information.


Base Housing:

A Service Member can place his/her name on the wait list for privatized housing before arriving by emailing a DD 1746 Housing Application (use EDIPI vice SSN) with a copy of Web Orders or Original Permanent Change of Station Orders for assignment within National Capital Region/MCBQ, completed Sex Offender Disclosure Certification Form, Privacy Act Release Form for Property Managers (Liberty Military Housing), and completed Pet Disclosure Policy Form to the following email address Quantico Family Housing<> . In those cases when personnel are selected or frocked for promotion they will be assigned and occupy housing designated for their selected pay grade.  Housing application (DD 1746) without the required supporting documentation will be viewed as incomplete and will not be processed.

Housing Applications for service members other than Marines must include dependency verification.

Dependency Verification:
Navy – Page 2 — (BAH/Dependency Data Form)
Army – DD Form 93 — (Record of Emergency Data Form)
Air Force – DD Form 93 — (Record of Emergency Data Form)
Coast Guard – CG-4170A — (BAH/Dependency Data Form)

It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm receipt.

The Housing Office is located at
13201 Perkins Street
Quantico,VA 22134-5047
Housing Office number is (703) 784-2711
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
7 am - 4:30 pm


Off-Base Housing:
An off-base housing referral service is operated by the Family Housing Office. Incoming personnel, whether married or single, must report to this office prior to renting/purchasing in the civilian community. Personnel will receive helpful information on all types of off-base housing. A list of approved and non-approved apartment complexes/mobile home parks and other pertinent rental information is provided for those interested in renting. A computer printout of listed properties is supplied to those desiring to rent/purchase a condominium, townhouse, or house. Virginia booklets and a fact sheet on how to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility for a Virginia Loan are also available. Service members must check in with the Housing Referral Office prior to making any arrangements for off-base housing. The number to the Family Housing Office is (703) 784-2711. DSN 278-2711. fax 784-5958.

Troop Billeting:
Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at Quantico are among the finest found anywhere in the Corps. Men and women live in centrally air conditioned and heated dormitory-type facilities with rooms designed for two, three or four persons. Each room has a private bath. Each BEQ has modern, well-furnished game rooms that feature table tennis, billiards and other entertainment. The BEQs also have several television rooms.

Bachelor Officer Quarters:
Bachelor Officer Quarters are in great demand at Quantico. We have a guest house available for General Officers and dignitaries at Harry Lee Hall Bldg. 17. It is available to any officer or civilian equivalent when not required for distinguished guests. There are 72 Temporary Additional Duty transient rooms, 26 transient/guest suites, four distinguished guest suites, 7 bona fide bachelor suites, and 6 foreign military officer rooms. Two computer work stations for e-mail use and word processing are available in the lobby of Liversedge Hall, Building 15. Two conference rooms are also available at Liversedge Hall to accommodate 80 to 100 in the large area and 35 to 40 in the other area.
Bachelor Housing Office Phone: (703) 784-3149


SNCO Bachelor Quarters:
There are a total of 32 bona fide bachelor rooms with private entrances at Building 3064. TAD SNCO Billeting is located in Building 15, Liversedge Hall.

Crossroads Inn:
The Crossroads Inn is located on the main side of Quantico Marine Corps Base, next to The Clubs At Quantico and has 78 standard rooms, 42 efficiencies and 24 suites, as well as meeting space to accommodate 25 people. PCS families can make reservations up to six months in advance. Phone: (703) 630-4444 or (800) 965-9511. Email:

Off Base Hotels and Motels:
Currently, there are five motels located outside the main gate of the base in the Dumfries/Triangle area. South of the base, within a 10 mile proximity, there is a mixture of newer and older accommodations. Fredericksburg, which is approximately 22 miles south, has a variety of chain motels mainly located off the exits of I-95. A number of these feature after-hour entertainment, and most are surrounded by restaurant facilities. Larger high rise motels are to be found 25-30 miles north in Springfield, Alexandria, and Arlington.


The C Suites at Quantico (an MCCS Rec Lodging Facility)
The C Suites at Quantico are apartments that are located mainside, MCB Quantico. Each apartment comes fully furnished with two bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, sunroom, and a full bath. Additional amenities include parking, laundry and daily housekeeping service. The C suites at Quantico Eligibility options are Military: Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves and Retirees on Leave or Official Duty and DoD Civilians. Valid Credentials will be required at check-in. Reservations can be made by email at

temporary postal forwarding address

Unfortunately due to policy changes, Quantico commands can no longer receipt for personal mail at the command mail rooms. The Military Postal Facility has established the following mailing address for temporary use for the forwarding of personal mail:

General Delivery
401 6th Avenue
Quantico, VA 22134

All personal mail coming to this address is held by the Post Office until picked up by someone with valid identification.
Many of the barracks on base have post office boxes located in them. Personnel that reside in the enlisted barracks aboard base are assigned post office boxes upon checking in with the military post office.


Marines that are departing their current command for assignment to other commands, including CONUS duty stations, may request the assignment of a sponsor to facilitate the transition from one duty station to another. The Sponsorship Request Forms can be obtained and submitted through the local Marine Corps Community Services Relocation Assistance Office. MCB Quantico has established Sponsorship Coordinators at each unit aboard the base. The unit Sponsorship Coordinators work with the MCCS Relocation Assistance Program Office and manage the Sponsorship Program, including the assignment and training of sponsors. After a sponsor is identified, they ensure the preparation and mailing of a Command Welcome Letter to the inbound Marine. This letter will contain the sponsor's name and an invitation to the inbound Marine to correspond with the Command or directly with the sponsor.

Some of the many items that sponsors can assist with include the following:  meeting the newcomer and/or family at the appointed arrival location; escorting the newcomer through the process of checking in; escorting the newcomer to the Housing Referral Office; providing a tour of the base, including pointing out areas of interest; helping the newcomer check on household goods and auto shipments; escorting him/her to the BEQ, TEQ, or BOQ for room assignment; and, if unaccompanied, assisting in getting children registered for school, arranging for pets to stay in kennel (if needed), and assisting with vehicle registration.

OCONUS personnel in the grades of E-1 through E-5, WO-1 through CWO-2, and O-1 through O-3 are assigned a sponsor.  Accompanied OCONUS personnel of all ranks will be assigned a sponsor.  Other personnel will be assigned a sponsor upon request.

vehicle licensing & registration

Base Vehicle/Pet/Weapon Registration conducted at Bldg 27031X  (703) 784-3024

To register a privately owned vehicle aboard the command, you must have $25,000/$50,000/-$20,000 insurance coverage and a current safety inspection sticker if the vehicle is registered in Virginia. Vehicle Registration located at 27031X Telegraph Road, MCB Quantico, VA 22485. All individuals under 26 years of age must complete a military drivers improvement course to obtain permanent base driving privileges. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 0600 - 1500. Call (703) 784-3024. If the vehicle is registered in a state other than Virginia, it is the individual's responsibility to comply with applicable state regulations where his/her vehicle is registered with regards to mechanical/safety inspection requirements. Emissions inspections are required in some local counties. For more information call the Vehicle Registration Office.

There are two Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Offices located in the vicinity of the base. The Woodbridge office is located at 14008 Smoketown Road and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. For more information call (703) 670-8134. The Stafford office is located at 385 Garrisonville Road, Suite 105, and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. For more information call (703) 659-7867. If the vehicle is registered in your name only, license plates from your home state or state where you were previously stationed are valid until they expire. You must then obtain license plates from Virginia or renew those from your home state. A vehicle registration in your spouse's name, as well, must have Virginia plates within 30 days after arrival if you reside off base. A car brought into Virginia with an overseas license must be licensed immediately in your home state or Virginia. If you live on base and own trailers, oversize trucks and/or campers, please call (703) 784-2359 for storage space, Wednesday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Operators License:
You may operate a vehicle with either a valid driver's license issued by the state in which your automobile is registered or by Virginia. Family members may operate a vehicle with a valid driver's license issued by the state they are from, unless they begin working in Virginia; then they have 30 days to obtain a Virginia driver's license. Virginia Motor Vehicle Department examinations are conducted at the same locations as vehicle registration.

Operators of motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, and ATVs must meet requirements for registration of motor vehicles and must have a valid driver's license stipulating that the individual is qualified to operate a motorcycle (if the individual has other than a Virginia driver's license). Regardless of age or rank, all personnel must complete a motorcycle safety course prior to obtaining a permanent base decal. Operators and passengers must wear helmets and adequate protective clothing when riding a motorcycle. Regulations require motorcycles to have headlights on at all times and riders to wear reflective vests aboard base.

Use of seatbelts aboard Quantico is mandatory.

All personnel who ride bicycles on installation streets and roadways must wear approved helmets.

All pets must be registered with the Vehicle Registration Section within 10 days of their arrival on base, or after reaching the age of four months. Wild animals or exotic pets are prohibited. Registration will include a current civilian or military veterinarian certification of required vaccinations and a functioning microchip identification device that complies with the International Standards Organization (ISO)  Certification of rabies vaccination is required. The registration tag issued must be worn on the animal's collar or affixed to its cage. Call (703) 784-3024.

All privately owned weapons of personnel living on base must be registered with the Vehicle Registration Section. Call (703) 784-3024.


Virginia Domestic Dependent and Secondary School System:
The Virginia Domestic Dependents and Secondary School System is financed by the Department of Defense. The elementary school and middle/high school at Quantico, and one elementary/middle school at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va., are accredited by the North Central Association Committee on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI). All teachers are certified.

Assignment to a School:

Quantico School District Main Page. Where your children may attend school is generally decided by the family housing area in which you reside. There are two schools located on MCB Quantico. Crossroads Elementary School serves all K-5 students, and Quantico Middle/High School serves all students in grades 6-12. Quantico High School has a varsity sports program that includes football, basketball, cheerleading, baseball, softball, cross-country, volleyball, soccer, wrestling and golf. For the musically inclined, there is a band and chorus. Comprehensive student activities also include cultural awareness, drama, SADD, newspaper, and yearbook. For more information call: Crossroads Elementary School (703) 630-7065; Quantico Middle/High School (703) 630-7055.

Area Schools:
There are many Off-base public schools in the surrounding counties of Stafford and Prince William. There are more than 30 elementary schools and kindergartens in the counties. Stafford County has two high schools and Prince William County has eight. Each county has a number of middle schools and Prince William County also has several special education schools.

There are a number of private and parochial schools in the area. Information on these schools may be obtained from the respective county Chamber of Commerce. There are literally scores of community and business colleges, technical schools, major colleges and universities in the northern Virginia, Washington, D.C. and Maryland areas which Marines and dependents may attend. A visit to the Command Education Office will provide answers to questions about most of these institutions.

There are also on-base opportunities for higher learning offered through courses conducted by Averett College, Capitol College, the University of Southern California, Park College and Northern Virginia Community College. Information on enrollment may be obtained from the Command Education Office, (703) 784- 3308/2828.


The mission of the Naval Health Clinic Quantico is to provide superior health care services, promote operational readiness, and support training. All personnel checking-in during normal working hours 0700-1600 M-F will first check in with the Information Desk on the first deck of the clinic. The Information Desk attendant will issue a medical check-in sheet with several stops listed including TRICARE, Medical Records, Medical Readiness, Dental, and Occupational Health. It can take up to an hour or two to visit and check-in with all of the stops. In order to minimize check-in delays, it is recommended that personnel start the medical check-in process after the start of Military Sick Call in the mornings or begin the check-in process during the afternoons if possible. The Medical Records stop will be visited twice—the first visit will include a records check and entrance of data into the clinic’s medical appointment system and a final stop at the completion of the medical check-in where their Medical Records will be dropped off, Medical Check-in sheet will be collected and the Battalion Check-in sheet will be stamped.

other as required check-in stops

Little Hall:
The tri-story building referred to as Little Hall is located approximately one block south of the first stop light on Barnett Avenue. It contains the Finance Office, Red Cross, Navy-Marine Corps Relief, Base Theater, Bowling Alley, Centralized I.D. Center, Passport Office, and Marine Corps Community Services.

Exceptional Family Member Program:
The EFMP has moved from the Religious and Family Services Annex to 122 Neville Road. The primary phone number is (571) 931-0524. In order to best serve EFMP families, personnel with family members enrolled in the program are encouraged to contact their case managers at their current command before detaching and reporting to MCB Quantico. New contact phone numbers are: 571-931-0533 | 571-931-0526 | 571-931-0529 | 571-931-0538.

local area information

A high cost of living, lots of free entertainment, travel and adventure are all part of the lifestyle at Quantico. If you live on base, the high cost of living will be greatly minimized. But, if you choose to live in one of the surrounding communities, you may expect the cost of living to escalate for such necessities as shelter and utilities the closer you are to the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. However, there is much to see and do; most of it is free or very reasonably priced.

Across the street from the Base Theater at Little Hall is the railroad station, a flag stop on the main North-South line from Boston to Florida. Civilian taxi service is available, and a bus terminal is located in nearby Triangle, Va. Also, the Virginia Railway Express, a commuter train, uses Quantico as one of its many daily stops. The line operates between Fredericksburg, Va, and Washington, D.C. A Base VRE Shuttle Service will pick up VRE morning commuters and drop off VRE afternoon commuters at the Little Hall parking lot. The Base Taxi Service provides a safe, on call, no cost transportation service for CAC card carrying Base employees on official business. It provides travel to Base to Base destinations that exceed the minimum walking distance (1 mile). It also reduces the number of vehicles traveling aboard Base and helps to alleviate parking space congestion. Call the taxi dispatcher at (703) 432-1615 to request a taxi. Commuter bus service is also available on base. Daily routes include Pentagon and community stops.

Dumfries and Triangle:
The towns of Dumfries and Triangle are just outside the main gate of the base. Two shopping centers and a number of small businesses make up the two communities. The Greyhound bus station is also located in Triangle. Prince William Forest Park is about one mile beyond the main gate through Triangle. It is a heavily wooded forest that provides pleasant scenery, hiking and picnic areas.

The city of Fairfax is an independent jurisdiction in Northern Virginia located approximately 20 miles west of Washington D.C. Since the early 1800's, the city's location has contributed to its role as a government and business center. Fairfax was established as the town of Providence in 1805, incorporated as the town of Fairfax in 1859 and incorporated as an independent city in 1961. The form of government is council/manager. The legislative powers are vested in the mayor and six council members, elected at-large for two-year terms. The city manager directs day-to-day operations of the city with more than 300 employees. The land area occupies about 4,003 acres. Schools are owned by the city of Fairfax and operated by contractual agreement under the Fairfax County Public School System.

Fauquier County:
Located to the west of Quantico is Fauquier County, situated in the Northern Piedmont section of Virginia, bordered by the Blue Ridge Mountains to the northwest and the Rappahannock River to the southwest. Fauquier County, officially chartered in 1759, features beautiful countryside, historic old towns and villages, summer concerts on the courthouse lawn and horse sporting events of national significance.

Fredericksburg, known as "America's Friendliest and Most Historic City," is 23 miles south of Quantico off either U.S. Route 1 or I-95. A charming community with many modern shopping and residential areas, it is the home of many Marines stationed at Quantico. There are 27 points of historic interest in the city, including the homes of George Washington's mother and sister, James Monroe's law office, Dr. Hugh Mercer's Apothecary Shop, The Rising Sun Tavern, Belmont, The Fredericksburg Museum, four major Civil War Battlefields and two Civil War visitor's centers. The 20-minute audiovisual presentation of the history of Fredericksburg is shown free of charge at the Bicentennial Visitors' Center where guests are also given area maps and brochures featuring information about restaurants, antique shops and gift shops.

Federal armies attempted twice to seize the strategic railroad junction at Manassas during the Civil War. The scene of these great battles is preserved at the Manassas National Battlefield Park. The battlefield, north of the actual town of Manassas, is within 45 minutes driving time of Quantico and features a visitors' center.

Occoquan is a small town filled with food, shops and marinas, just off I-95 on the Occoquan River in Prince William County. It offers excellent facilities to both launch and store boats. The history of this small, but recently revitalized community predates the American Revolution and was even the site of a skirmish between American and Hessian mercenaries. A number of shops, in the Williamsburg tradition, ply crafts and sell plants and antiques. There are also some historic spots such as the Old Mill Museum.

Quantico National Cemetery:
The Quantico National Cemetery is located off I-95, on Route 619 west. It is a Veterans' Administration Cemetery, accommodating all eligible veterans, their spouses and children. The cemetery opened in May 1983. Annual ceremonies are conducted on both Memorial Day and Veterans Day. The "Avenue of Flags" features more than 150 flags donated to the cemetery by the deceased service members' next of kin. These flags are flown four times a year, on Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day and Independence Day.

Richmond, the former capital of the Confederacy, has more museums and memorials than any other city in the South. Civil War buffs will be interested in the "White House of the Confederacy" used by Jefferson Davis during the war. As the seat of Virginia state government, Richmond contains many stately government structures and a statehouse designed by Thomas Jefferson and used by the Confederate Congress.

Stafford County:
Thirty-seven years prior to the settlement of Jamestown, the first white men arrived on the shores of Stafford County. This became the site of the first Catholic settlement and church in Virginia, as well as the homes of the country's first commander-in-chief and first president, George Washington. Today, the small, quaint towns of Stafford County reflect their historic past and are the homes of many Marines and their families stationed at Quantico.

Town of Quantico:
The Town of Quantico is unique; it is bordered on three sides by the Marine base and on the fourth by the Potomac River. The Town of Quantico has shops and restaurants within easy walking distance of the mainside barracks. Also, laundries and dry cleaning establishments provide valuable after-hours service for Marines and their families. Limited living accommodations are available.

Washington, DC:
Thirty-five miles north of Quantico is the nation's capital. The White House, Capitol Hill, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon and the Marine Corps War Memorial are all names that are synonymous with Washington, D.C. The federal city has been noted for its art galleries and museums, the most notable of which are the Smithsonian Institution, National Gallery of Art, Museums of American and Natural History and the Air and Space Museum. At night, parts of the city vibrate with top entertainment and shows while quiet, out-of-the-way nightclubs abound. During the summer, concerts are presented every Tuesday at the Marine Corps War Memorial and Friday evening at the Marine Barracks by the United States Marine Band and Drum and Bugle Corps. The Marine Barracks, 8th and I, is considered to be the oldest post in the Corps, and the Commandant's house is the oldest continuously occupied federal or public building in Washington, D.C.

Although unincorporated, Woodbridge remains a major business and shopping district in eastern Prince William County. Numerous shopping centers, new schools, churches and community recreation centers are present or are being built. A hospital serves the eastern part of the county. Many Marines who are stationed at Quantico and Headquarters Marine Corps live in Woodbridge and nearby Dale City.

 Many Marines and organizations in the National Capital Region rely on Marine Corps Base Quantico as the primary source for a variety of services. For more information on what services are provided to whom please click here.

Marine Corps Base Quantico