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Plans, coordinates and supervises the execution of command events, parades, ceremonies, and visits to the base by military and non-military organizations.

Provides assistance to all tenant commands in their execution of events and ceremonies.

Provides guidance to non-government organizations in their execution of events and ceremonies.

Ceremonial Platoon provides Color Guard details for on- and off-base ceremonies and conducts all funeral details assigned to MCINCR-MCBQ by HQMC, Casualty Branch.

Coordinates all requests for training and reservations in Training Area One (TA-1 - main side).

Publishes the weekly MCINCR-MCBQ Master Events Schedule.

Coordinates and prepares internal policies directed by the Commander MCINCR-MCBQ.

Command Historian for MCINCR-MCBQ.

Coordinates and prepares the MCINCR-MCBQ Command Chronology.

Coordinates the support for special visits from International and local military units, and members of U.S. Government.

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3250 Catlin Avenue
Quantico, VA 22134

Head, Current Operations       703-784-3420
Operations Chief                      703-784-4957
Command Event Coordinator 703-784-2860
Ceremonial Platoon                 703-784-2814


Helpful MCBQ Points of Contact

For base access questions, visit the Base Access page

For reunion group visits (OCS; TBS), call Training Command G-3: 703-432-2214/1737

For JROTC visits, call TECOM MCJROTC HQ: 703-784-0417

For Quantico Marine Corps Band support, CLICK HERE

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