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“I am relieved that state of the Marines’ readiness will remain high!” Susan Davis, California 53rd District Representive.



Whether it is training, limited duty, promotions, or legal our job is to take care of Marines! We believe in putting ourselves in the boots of the Marines so that we may provide a better service to them. We understand the individual and the units need for updated information within the Marine Corps Total Force System. While our jobs maybe different, the overall mission is the same to keep our Corps Combat Ready so that all Marines may get to the fight!



 The Command Support Legal Section handles matters relating to military justice and civil proceedings. We generate diary entries relating to unauthorized absence, time lost, Unit Punishment Book (UPBs), courts-martial, in-hands of civil authority, and civil conviction.

 Tracks cases, thoroughly research and make timely submissions via unit diary, and assist Marines, commands on all legal issues on a daily basis.


 The Command Support Promotions Section handles composite score related issues and managing the monthly promotion tracking for MCB Quantico. The Promotions section also accounts for and ensures promotion restriction, non recommended and “Will Not Promote” Page 11s and 6105 entries are correctly formatted and filed properly within the Service Record Book.

 Cutting Scores




The Command Support Limited Duty Section handles Marines who have been assigned by medical authority to a period of limited duty, and sick in quarters in excess of 24 hours. To assist the Unit Limited Duty Coordinators’, case files are maintained on Marines to ensure that all occasions are reported and correct to help maintain correctness within the Marine Corps Total Force System.




The Command Support Training Section accepts, and handles local schools, service schools, Marine Corps Martial Arts Program instructor and instructor trainer certificates and corrections for erroneous entries ran by various units via the Training Management System within Marine On Line and ensures the accuracy of all training events within the Marine Corps Total Force System.



The below schedule indicates the cutoff date for input of data elements:


Jan, Feb, Mar 20 November

Apr, May, Jun 20 February

Jul, Aug, Sep 20 May

Oct, Nov, Dec 20 August

 If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us via email at or telephone number (703) 432-1989.

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