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Civilian Manpower Management
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mission & vision

The Civilian Manpower Branch is located in the G-1 Manpower Division. The Branch oversees approximately 1188 positions supporting the following organizations:

  • Marine Corps Base (Divisions and Special Staff Sections)

  • Security Battalion

  • Legal Services Support Office

​The Branch is composed of three sections:

  • Staffing and Structure Management (Strategic Workforce Planning)

  • Performance Management (includes, awards & recognition)

  • Workforce Development (also supports some tenants aboard Quantico with ADP, CLD & MCAP)

Mission Statement

The main focus of the Branch is to provide command civilian manpower management support to assist leaders in maintaining and developing a high performing workforce. This includes; management of civilian structure by developing a Strategic Workforce Plan, facilitating boards to validate requested changes to structure, processing changes to Table's of Organization, regulating staffing within labor budget controls and authorizing hiring actions; developing a more effective workforce through ongoing development and training, and administering the Civilian Leader Development (CLD) program, the Academic Degree Program (ADP) and Marine Corps Acculturation Program (MCAP); assisting with the administration of performance management focused on accurately establishing employee objectives that support the mission, improving employee performance, documenting performance, and facilitating performance awards boards; administering command decisions on determining superior qualification, advance leave accrual, and relocation, recruitment and retention bonuses within available resources; administering award programs, boards, and preparing certificates to recognize length of service and retirements.

Vision Statement

To be a trusted resource concerning command level civilian manpower management by providing advice and services.


contact us

3250 Catlin Avenue
Lejeune Hall, RM 226
Quantico, VA 22134-5001

Branch Head: (703) 432-1979

Performance Management: (703) 432-1979

Workforce Development: (703) 784-3101

Staffing and RPA Support: (703) 432-1980 or (703) 784-2363

Civilian Awards and Recognition: (703) 784-3101

Marine Corps Base Quantico