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G-7: Performance and External Affairs


G-7: Performance and External Affairs

Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region

Marine Corps Base Quantico

To support the Region / Installation Commander in making Installation operations easier, better, faster, and cheaper; To provide external affairs support to develop regional partnerships and engagement.

Performance and Innovation

G-7 seeks to maximize the performance of organizations aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico by aligning current processes to desired performance goals with innovative technologies, business strategies, and information management tools.

This is accomplished through:

Change Management
  • G-7 Coordinates Commander’s Change Management Program
  • Change through action - each successful action contributes to change in culture
  • Monitoring progress of projects / actions – in progress reviews
  • Information briefs/mission analysis - on upcoming significant cross functional actions, policy changes, new programs etc. which will drive change action

Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) and Lean Six Sigma
  • Training: This is an area resource to enable Breakthrough and Continuous Process Improvement, Business Transformation, and Change Management training that focuses on educating the individual as well as the command.
  • CPI Business Solutions: We can help!   Please select the Command Special Projects link to the right to learn more about how we can help your organization's processes. 
Knowledge Management:

Provides information on resources available for the collaboration of projects and information in a virtual workspace.

Command Special Projects:

Projects assigned to G-7 by Commander or Chief of Staff that are directly related to base operations, staffing requirements, and performance standards on Marine Corps Base Quantico

Common Output Levels of Service (COLS)

G-7 provides regional coordination for the collection and analysis of COLS data and performance standards.

Business Programs

G-7’s Regional Business Programs work with multiple agencies to develop and execute MCINCR-MCBQ’s Engagement Strategy in order to identify, cultivate, and maintain regional partnerships with the surrounding communities in order to enhance mission effectiveness by creating efficiencies and reducing cost.  

G-7 Business Programs focuses on three primary areas of responsibility:
  • Non Federal Entities
  • Support Agreements
  • Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)
External Affairs

External Affairs is  responsible for building and maintaining relationships with a range of influential individuals and organizations for Marine Corps Base Quantico and surrounding areas. G-7 External Affairs focuses on the development, and maintenance of policies and programs that relate to external affairs strategic mission as well as ensure that activities are responsive to stakeholder interests in accordance with base procedures.

G-7  External Affairs focuses on three primary areas of responsibility:
  • Regional Planning and Partnerships
  • Outreach and Engagement
  • Marine Corps Heritage Center
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