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MCINCR - Marine Corps Base Quantico


MCINCR - Marine Corps Base Quantico

"Crossroads of the Marine Corps"

Installation Protection Branch Mission:

Provide oversight, direction, and coordination of installation protection programs to enhance operational readiness and to protect life and property aboard MCINCR-MCBQ.  Execute a comprehensive, integrated, all-threats/all-hazards risk management process to minimize risk to critical assets, allow for risk-informed allocation of resources, and support tenant command mission execution.


Installation Protection Branch Programs:

-              Antiterrorism

-              Emergency Management

-              Critical Infrastructure Protection

-              Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, High-Yield Explosive

-              Threat Analysis and Dissemination

-              Contingency Plans

-              Continuity of Operations

-              Base Support Installation

-              Operations Security

-              Violence Prevention Program


Though assigned to Security Battalion, these programs are part of installation protection and require continuous coordination between the IPB and SecBn staffs:

*             Law Enforcement

*             Fire and Emergency Services

*             Physical Security

*             Fire and Emergency Services

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Contact Information

Report any suspicious activity to (703) 432-EYES (3937).

Director:                                             432-0765
Emergency Manager:                        784-6693
Threat Analysis and Dissemination:  432-6475
Critical Infrastructure Protection:       432-0551
CBRNE:                                             784-3058
Antiterrorism/OPSEC:                        432-0763

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