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The forest management program was started at MCB Quantico in 1962. Over the years the program has evolved and become more complex. This is due to changes in management practices, new technologies for planning and harvesting, increasing environmental restrictions, and more intensive utilization of forest lands for military training.

The heavily forested lands of Marine Corps Base Quantico are a unique and vital component for military training. MCBQ consists of almost 59,000 acres, with about 52,000 forested (88%). The forest diversity includes a variety of forest stands, tree species and cover types, which provide flexibility for assorted training scenarios and exercises of the Marine Corps mission. The Forestry Program applies an aggressive forest management plan to sustain this diversity while improving it where necessary, and maintaining vigor and health through regularly scheduled timber harvests and tree planting. Forest management practices also protect and provide diversity of other associated flora and fauna species, including some that are threatened or endangered. Other management actions are implemented to complement other uses such as fish and wildlife habitat, recreation, and new land uses to support Base requirements. The Forestry Program also provides management and control of wildfires by maintaining a network of firebreaks, and performing prescribed burns to control hazardous fuel loads throughout the training areas and ranges. A wildfire danger rating is also calculated daily and provided to Range Management and Fire Department resources.

Random Fact: Since 1988, over 2,200 acres planted with 1.2 million trees.

firewood program

The firewood program allows for downed trees to be utilized by civilians and military personnel. A $25 permit is require which can be obtained at the RecITT office located in the Marine Corps Exchange. The permit is good for six months with no limit on the amount of wood that can be cut. Further explanation of rules and requirements, as well as a map of open areas, accompany the permit.

prescribed fire

Prescribed burning is a vital tool in the MCBQ Forest Management program - particularly in the areas of forest stand establishment and maintenance. It is used for site preparation prior to reforestation, for reduction of fuels in the understory of established stands, and for reduction of competing vegetation in timber stand improvement. Prescribed fire is utilized on grasslands and woodlands within, and immediately surrounding, weapon firing ranges. These burns are planned when moderate weather conditions allow for low risk in achieving the objectives, which are to eliminate or reduce the risk of fires from incendiary devices used in training exercises. Prescribed burning is also an important land management tool for creating and maintaining grassland and woodland habitats for certain wildlife species.

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Forestry Program: BLDG 27007

Head Forester: 703-432-6779

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