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The Transportation Branch, G-4 Logistics Division, is tasked to provide safe, economical, efficient and responsive non-tactical vehicle and equipment (NTV/E) services in support of the military missions of resident and tenant activities of MCBQ and the MCINCR.  The services include providing commercial motor vehicle transportation; Maintenance, repair and servicing of the NTV/E equipment managed by this Branch; Inventory, assignment, and lifecycle management of NTV/E; Fleet management information systems (FMIS) support.


Base Motor Transport Operations (BMT)


The Base Motor Transport Operation section is organized and managed to maximize responsiveness, efficiency and effectiveness while fulfilling all valid transportation requirements.  This section provides general transportation support to resident and tenant units of MCB Quantico and the Marine Corp National Capital Region (MCINCR).  Transportation support provided to tenant and outside activities/units/organizations are on a reimbursable basis.

Hours of Operation: 5:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.

Vehicle Requests:

BMT provides the following types of support by the use of the vehicle request form:

Driver Provided Request
MCB Quantico resident and tenant activities/organizations commands request support from BMT in the transportation of personnel or cargo.

U-Drive Request
The supported unit or organization requests the use of transportation assets and provides licensed operators in execution of their specific missions.  Requesting activities or organizations are required to provide operators for all light/medium vehicles (sedans, vans below 15 passenger capacity and pick-up trucks) not requiring a specialty license.



Motor Transport Maintenance

The Motor Transport Maintenance section provides maintenance support to non-tactical vehicle and equipment (NTV/E) fleet at MCB Quantico and the MCINCR.  Entails performing the necessary maintenance required to maintain NTV/E items in a safe, serviceable, and efficient operating condition during the lifecycle of the equipment item.  Categories of maintenance support are corrective maintenance, scheduled preventative maintenance, equipment modifications, and limited technical inspections.  The Motor Transport Maintenance section maintains two repair facilities; one shop on the east side of MCB Quantico and the other shop on the west side of MCB Quantico.


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