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otl account creation

OTL Account Creation is a Two-Step Process:

  • Step 1 - Submit an Access Request in ARMS.

In order to obtain access in DAI for the roles that you require to do your job, you must first submit your SAAR in ARMS, and have it fully approved by: Supervisor, Security official (ex. Mr. Townsend Milligan), Information Officer (IO), and Information Assurance Officer (IAO).

Once the SAAR is fully approved SAAR, ARMS should send you a notification similar to the one below which will contain your “SAAR#”.

For details and links to submit an Access Request in ARMS, Click Here

  • Step 2 - Request OTL Role(s)

An Employee will need to input this “SAAR#” when at the justification screen within the DAI role request system. If you have not yet requested access within DAI for your user roles, please use the attached guide to accomplish this task. The DAI helpdesk will usually respond within 24 hours (or sooner) with an approval or a rejection concerning your role request. If a rejection is received the helpdesk will provide the corrective action steps necessary to approve your role request.

For details and links to submit a DAI Role Request, Click Here

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