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The Telecommunications Network Branch provides voice and data connectivity to Base customers, and is responsible for the proper design, installation, management, trouble-shooting/repair, and maintenance of the Base telecommunications infrastructure. The design of the infrastructure begins when Telecom represents the MCB at all meetings regarding new building design to ensure that all voice and data requirements for the building's inhabitants are addressed and are satisfied per industry and G-6 standards. This includes ordering necessary equipment to satisfy identified data and voice requirements, and ensuring connectivity to the base fiber network. We also review existing building designs to optimize and upgrade the infrastructure's current network deficiencies. Anytime work is to be completed, we will provide a cost estimate to correctly identify customer requirements and we will maintain documentation of the telecommunications configurations to expedite restoration of service during disruptions.


telephone control officers

The Commander/Director of each base organization and/or tenant unit organization will designate a primary and an alternate Telephone Control Officer (TCO) for each Billing Account Code (BAC) IAW MCBO P2831.1A. Their primary function is to assist MCB Quantico base telephone in providing the best telecommunications services available to meet customer operational requirements. Telecommunications Branch personnel will work with the unit TCO's, who identify customer requirements, in order to determine the best solution that will satisfy the organization's telecommunications needs. Whenever there is a change of a Primary or Alternate TCO, the unit will send an updated authorization letter listing all personnel who are authorized to sign and submit Telephone Service Requests (TSR’s), to the Telecommunications Branch, AC/S G-6. This letter will give the name, rank, work section, and telephone number(s) of the individual(s) being assigned as TCO's. TCO's must be responsible individuals with a minimum rank of Corporal. There will be a minimum of two (2) TCO’s (a primary and an alternate) per BAC, but no maximum number of TCO's. The primary and alternate TCO's will be responsible for accomplishment of all duties. Unit authorization letters must be updated annually.



When accessing Voicemail for a new box, the user must first wait for a representative of base telecomm to call and inform them that the box has been setup. Once the box has been setup and the user notified, follow these steps to access the box. The number 784-XXXX is an example only and must be replaced by the users 7 digit phone number to access voicemail.

1. Call 784-2000 (on Base), 703-784-2000 (off Base), 312-278-2000 (DSN)

2. After the number is dialed the user will get a recording that will prompt for a mailbox. This is simply asking for the phone number that has the voicemail attached to it. So, if your number is 784-XXXX, that is the number you would input on the keypad followed by the pound sign. You would physically push the keypad and input 784XXXX#.

3. After you hit the pound sign the recording will prompt for a password. For first time users, the password is always going to be 12 followed by the phone number, and once again finished with the # sign. For the password you would use 12784XXXX#.

4. Once the new user has logged in it will tell you that your temporary password must be changed. Listen to the recording carefully it will walk you through the password change procedures. Remember that when it asks for your current password it is  12 plus your 7-digit phone number. The # key is for telling the system the user is done imputing digits. 5. A list of voicemail box commands can be found here.


help desk

Work Orders
Work orders are for any installations, changes, removal, or locates on any telecommunication service. Your Telephone Control Officer (TCO) must submit a Telephone Work orders are for any installations, changes, removal, or locates on any telecommunication service. Your Telephone Control Officer (TCO) must submit a Telephone Service Request (TSR) using form NAVFAC 9-11014/20. Your unit’s TCO’s are the ONLY persons authorized to submit TSR’s; if you have questions as to whom your TCO’s are  please contact a Base Telephone representative at 784-2500, option 1.

TCO's may submit work requests by:


Email to: 


Fax to:  784-4209


Drop off at Bldg 3229


Trouble Tickets
Trouble tickets are for any problem with EXISTING services, such as a dead phone line, static, or any other telecommunication service already in place. Anyone can report a trouble by calling the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) at 1-855-373-8762 or 703-784-2500, option 1.

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