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IPAC Customer Service Branch
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The Customer Service Branch encompasses the Audit Section, Legal, Promotions, Limited Duty, Deployment Support/TAD Section, and the Pay Section. Below is a breakdown of the support provided by each section.

An EPAR can be submitted for each of the below updates.


  • Dependent Additions (Marriage License, Birth Certificate)
  • Dependent Losses (Divorce Decree, Child Support Documentation if needed)
  • Transfer of Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits (MilConnect Approval (, SOU)
  • Family Separation Allowance (if married after the effective date of orders)
  • Commuted Rations (ComRats Form)
  • Basic Allowance for Housing Own Right (Base Commander’s Approval required)
  • Basic Allowance for Housing at location other than PDS (MMIB-3 Approval required)
  • Unit Awards (MARADMIN, TAD Orders if needed)
  • Personal Awards below the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (Command Endorsement if needed)
  • State of Legal Residence (DD Form 2058, supporting documentation)
  • State and Federal Tax Exemptions (Also done through MyPay,


  • Non-Judicial Punishments (Unit Punishment Book)
  • Courts-Martial (Page 13, Convening Authority Action)
  • To Confinement (DD Form 2707)
  • From Confinement (DD Form 2718)
  • To/From In Hands of Civilian Authority, UA, Legal Hold (CO’s letter)
  • Join from Desertion (DD Form 616)


  • Meritorious Promotions (Promotion Warrant)
  • Composite Score Recompute
  • Promotion Restriction, Non-Recommendation, and Will Not Promote are completed via MOL

Jan, Feb, Mar - 20 November
Apr, May, Jun - 20 February
Jul, Aug, Sep - 20 May
Oct, Nov, Dec - 20 August


  • To/From Limited Duty
  • Pregnancy/Childbirth reporting
  • To/From Sick


  • Training Data Corrections (Command Letter Required)
  • Training Data not reportable via MCTIMS (Non-Resident Service Schools)

contact us

CUSTOMER SERVICE:(703) 784-4466


Marine Corps Base Quantico