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 Frequently asked questions

Q - Does everyone in a vehicle need to be registered in DBIDS?
A - All individuals 18 years and older that require access to the installation will need to register.
Q - What happens if I don't pre-enroll?
A - Pre-enrollment helps to expedite the processing time. There may be additional delays if the pre-enrollment is not completed in advance.
Q - If I have a DBIDS card at another base, do I need to register again for Quantico?
A - Yes, go directly to the VCC with your DBIDS card and MCB Quantico permissions can be loaded on your existing DBIDS card.
Q - What is a REAL ID?  In the upper right-hand corner, REAL ID compliant credentials display a star
A -
Q - What if I want to host a special event aboard the base?  (retirement, promotion, conference, funeral, wedding, MCCS club event, etc.)
A - The event sponsors/tenant commands are responsible for ensuring attendees are aware of base access policies/registration requirements. The primary access procedure for special events is for all unaffiliated attendees to go to the VCC and be processed for a pass at the VCC to attend the event. Passes can be obtained at the VCC in advance of the event (up to 30 days). When requested in advance, special access procedures may be authorized for large events and events occurring at times when the VCC is closed and advanced registration is NOT possible. The event sponsor must submit a special event waiver request to the Commanding Officer, Security Battalion, at least 30 days prior to event.
Q - What are the disqualification criteria for base access?
A - The following is the criteria for disqualification for base access. 

(1)  Marine Corps LE or VCC personnel are unable to verify the individual’s claimed identity based on reasonable belief the person submitted fraudulent identity information in the attempt to gain access.
(2) The individual has a conviction for espionage, sabotage, sedition, treason, terrorism, armed robbery, or murder.
(3) The individual has a felony conviction for a firearms or explosives violation, regardless of the date of conviction.
(4) The individual has been convicted of crimes encompassing sexual assault or rape.
(5) The individual has been convicted of crime encompassing child molestation, or the possession or production of child pornography.
(6) The individual has been convicted of trafficking in persons.
(7) The individual is a registered sex offender.
(8) The individual has been convicted of drug possession with intent to sell or distribute.
(9) The individual has an active arrest warrant from federal, state, local, or other civil LE authorities, regardless of offense or violation.
(10) The individual has a felony conviction within the last 10 years, regardless of the offense or violation.
(11) The individual’s name appears on any federal or state agency watch list for criminal behavior or terrorist activity.
(12) The individual is debarred entry or access to a Marine Corps site, other DoD installations or facilities, or other federal site or facility.
(13) The individual engaged in acts or activities designed to overthrow the U.S. Government by force.
(14) The individual is known to be or reasonably suspected of being a terrorist or belongs to an organization with known terrorism links/support.
(15) The individual is known to be, or suspected of being, a terrorist or belonging to an organization with known links to terrorism or support of terrorist activity.
(16) The individual is on parole or probation. 
(17) The individual has criminal arrest information that the site commander determines the person presents a threat to the good order, discipline, or health and safety on the Marine Corps site.


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