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Marine Corps Energy Initiative

Marine Corps Base Quantico

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Marine Corps Base Quantico Energy Plans

To help achieve the Marine Corps energy conservation goals, MCB Quantico will commit to and focus the majority of our efforts and resources on meeting or exceeding the following mandated objectives:

  • NEW: Reduce energy intensity 2.5% per year to 2005, relative to 2015 baseline. 1
  • Reduce facility energy intensity 37.5% by 2025, relative to 2003 baseline. 2
  • NEW: Reduce facility potable water intensity 36% by 2015, relative to 2007 baseline. 1
  • NEW: Increase renewable energy usage by 25% by 2015. 1
  • Reduce use of fossil fuels by 30% of FY 2005 levels by FY 2020.

1 planning for federal Sustainability (EO 13693)

2 DOD Strategic Sustainability Performance (EO 13514)

MCBQ Energy Mission
Marine Energy Contact

Jeromy Range
Energy Manager
Public Works Branch
(703) 432-2590