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The Defense Services Organization zealously defends Marines and Sailors facing disciplinary action in order to safeguard the Rights of those who safeguard our nation.



We are Marines - Judge Advocates and Legal Services Specialists - who are dedicated to defending our fellow Marines and Sailors, by providing them legal counsel in any matter required by statute, regulation, or otherwise authorized. We are zealous advocates for our clients, serving independently of the local chain of command and under the supervision of the Marine Corps Defense Services Organization. We zealously represent each and every client within the guidelines of the law, consistent with our professional ethics, and in accordance with our rules of practice. We selflessly perform our duties with the utmost integrity, motivation and pride, without fear of reprisal, or expectation of professional or personal gain. In the same spirit as “Taking Care of Our Own,” we are: “Marines Defending Marines.” 


about us


The Marine Corps Defense Services Organization (DSO) is a global criminal defense law firm comprised of over 70 Marine judge advocates and legal service support staff who are passionate about defending Marines at courts-martial, boards of inquiry, and administrative separation boards.  We put our clients first – above our own careers, the interests of the command, and Marine Corps.  We leverage our years of experience in fighting – and winning – hard battles against the government to help achieve the best possible results for our clients.  While no attorney can guarantee you a result, if you are a Marine accused, there is no better team in your corner than the DSO.


The NCR Defense Services Office is located in Bldg 3250 Catlin Avenue (Lejeune Hall).



If you are seeking legal advice/counsel, please complete the intake form by clicking HERE. When completing the intake, please ensure to include rank, if applicable, first AND last names for all individuals that you list. Upon completion of the intake form, attach the form and email HERE. Please note that legal counsel at this office is NOT provided to civilians.




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NCR Defense Services Office

3250 Catlin Avenue (Lejeune Hall, Basement Level)
Quantico, VA 22134-5001

Phone: (703) 784-4615

Marine Corps Base Quantico