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In order to maintain mission readiness, achieve mandates, and reduce energy costs, Marine Corps installations will:

  1. Ensure a secure and reliable energy supply to support the operating forces and their families through the prudent management of energy resources and infrastructure.
  2. Achieve requirements mandated by Congress and the President to promote the efficient use of energy and water, increase the use of renewable energy sources, and reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil.
  3. Reduce the lifecycle operating costcosts of Marine Corps facilities and manage future commodity price volatility.


energy strategy

In order to execute on the energy and water mandates, goals, and guidelines set by MCICOM, MCB Quantico will organize within the context of the Lines of Operations (LoOs) described in the USMC Installations Energy Strategy (2013):

  • Energy Ethos: Adopting the right command practices, planning, and end user behavior
  • Energy Information: Developing and implementing tools to better measure and understand our consumption
  • Energy Efficiency: Leveraging efficient design and technologies into our buildings and vehicles
  • Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuel: Sourcing more energy from alternative resources
  • Energy Security: Identifying and mitigating mission risks from energy supply disruption


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Dr. Hunho Kim
Energy Manager
Public Works Branch
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