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web orders

The Installation Personnel Administration Center (IPAC) located on the second deck of Building 2006, Hawkins Avenue, (Headquarters & Service Battalion Building) will provide 3 copies of the web orders publisheded by HQMC and will contact the individual Marine's command to inform them that a Marine in their command is pending orders. The command is responsible for ensuring that the Marine goes to IPAC to receive a Transfer Data Sheet and orders endorsement for DMO purposes. The web orders usually precede the issuance of Original Orders by as much as 90 days or more and can be used to do preliminary scheduling of pre-move items such as household goods move, making transportation arrangements, scheduling housing inspections and PCS Workshop attendance. IPAC will instruct personnel to return to their command for issuance of their check-out sheets and further out-processing. After the final check-out sheet is complete, personnel will return to IPAC for check-out completion and issuance of Original Orders.


PCS CONUS Workshops
Mandatory attendance for E-1 thru E-6, WO-1 & CWO-2, and O-1 thru O-3. The PCS CONUS workshops are usually held on Thursdays from 0900-1200 at the Religious and Family Services Annex, 3019 Embry Loop). For further information and/or class registration, call the Relocation Assistance Program Office at 703-784-2659.

PCS OCONUS Workshops
Mandatory attendance for ALL (accompanied and unaccompanied) personnel in receipt of overseas orders. The PCS OCONUS workshops are held at the Religious and Family Services Annex, 3019 Embry Loop. For further information and/or class registration, call the Relocation Assistance Program Office at 703-784-2659.

Attendees at the PCS CONUS and PCS OCONUS workshops are provided an Attendance Completion Letter which must be returned to IPAC. The PCS Completion Letter must be on file at IPAC in order for personnel to pick up and receive their Original Orders upon final departure from the base.

Personnel in receipt of PCS orders are expected to schedule their own attendance for the most convenient workshop that their work/time schedule allows. PCS CONUS/OCONUS Workshop Schedules are available from IPAC or the MCCS Relocation Assistance Office.


post office

For personnel going on OCONUS assignments, the assigned sponsor should establish a postal address where personal postal mail can be forwarded.

Personnel living in the enlisted barracks that have a post office box assigned to them must check out with the Military Post Office so that they can be removed from that address and free up the post office box for assignment to newly joined personnel.


Marines that are departing their current command for assignment to other commands, including CONUS duty stations, may request the assignment of a sponsor to facilitate the transition from one duty station to another. The Sponsorship Request Forms can be obtained and submitted through the local Marine Corps Community Services Relocation Assistance Office. MCB Quantico has established Sponsorship Coordinators at each unit aboard the base. The unit Sponsorship Coordinators work with the MCCS Relocation Assistance Program Office and manage the Sponsorship Program, including the assignment and training of sponsors. After a sponsor is identified, they ensure the preparation and mailing of a Command Welcome Letter to the inbound Marine. This letter will contain the sponsor's name and an invitation to the inbound Marine to correspond with the Command or directly with the sponsor.

Some of the many items that sponsors can assist with include the following:  meeting the newcomer and/or family at the appointed arrival location; escorting the newcomer through the process of checking in; escorting the newcomer to the Housing Referral Office; providing a tour of the base, including pointing out areas of interest; helping the newcomer check on household goods and auto shipments; escorting him/her to the BEQ, TEQ, or BOQ for room assignment; and, if unaccompanied, assisting in getting children registered for school, arranging for pets to stay in kennel (if needed), and assisting with vehicle registration.

OCONUS personnel in the grades of E-1 through E-5, WO-1 through CWO-2, and O-1 through O-3 are assigned a sponsor.  Accompanied OCONUS personnel of all ranks will be assigned a sponsor.  Other personnel will be assigned a sponsor upon request.

licensing & registration

All personnel will be required to check–out with the Base Provost Marshal’s Office during their check-out processing.

To deregister a privately owned vehicle aboard the command, you must visit the vehicle registration desk at 2043 Barnett Ave, MCB Quantico Virginia 22134 located in Security Battalion. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Call (703) 432-0602/0603 for more information.

All pets must be deregistered with the Vehicle Registration Section. Call (703) 432-0602/0603 for more information.

All privately owned weapons of personnel living on base must be deregistered with the Vehicle Registration Section. Call (703) 432-0602/0603 for more information.



The mission of the Naval Health Clinic Quantico is to provide superior health care services, promote operational readiness, and support training. All personnel checking-out during normal working hours 0700-1600 M-F will first check out with the Information Desk on the first deck of the clinic. Medical Records will be mailed to your next duty station in most cases and Battalion Check-out sheet will be stamped.

other as required check out stops

The tri-story building referred to as Little Hall is located approximately one block south of the first stop light on Barnett Avenue. It contains the Finance Office, Red Cross, Navy-Marine Corps Relief, Base Theater, Bowling Alley, Centralized I.D. Center, Passport Office, and Marine Corps Community Services.

The EFMP has moved from the Religious and Family Services Annex to 122 Neville Road. The primary phone number is (571) 931-0524. Personnel with family members enrolled in the EFMP must contact their case manager to ensure their case file is forwarded to their gaining command, if applicable. New contact phone numbers are: 571-931-0533 | 571-931-0526 | 571-931-0529 | 571-931-0538

If emergency financial assistance is required, make an appointment with the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. They provide interest free loans or grants for emergency transportation, funerals, medical/dental bills, food, rent, utilities, essential vehicle repairs and financial counseling.

Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society
Marine Corps Base
2034 Barnett Ave., PO Box 415
Quantico, VA 22134
Hours: Mon-Fri 0800-1600
Phone: (703) 784-9754
DSN: 278-3355
Fax: (703) 640-6751

The American Red Cross provides interest free loans for emergency travel in conjunction with emergency leave orders. Additional assistance may be provided to avoid privation and basic maintenance, including but not limited to food, shelter, and clothing. Emergency communication available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (202) 737-8300 or (877) 272-7337 toll free. On base office is located in Little Hall at 2034 Barnett Avenue, Quantico - (703) 784-2121

 Many Marines and organizations in the National Capital Region rely on Marine Corps Base Quantico as the primary source for a variety of services. For more information on what services are provided to whom please click here.

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