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SAPR one team/one fight training

Course Title:      DON SAPRO “Sexual Assault Prevention: One Team, One Fight”


In person training has been canceled until further notice


• This is an in-person 60-minute period of instruction.
• Per the Department of the Navy (DON), “Sexual Assault Prevention: One Team, One Fight” is mandatory training for all DON Civilian employees (APF & NAF) and must be completed prior to the end of the current Fiscal Year.
• Classroom training is only for DON Civilian employees who have not previously completed the face-to-face “Sexual Assault Prevention: One Team, One Fight” training. 
• This training meets Congressional, Department of Defense (DoD), and DON requirements for Civilian employees. 
• Military personnel are welcome to register for the training in order to augment and support their existing training tools; however, it does not replace military annual training requirements.

• Due to restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person training locations will vary and will be communicated in the final confirmation email.
• Class size will dictate if a venue change is needed in order to maintain a safe learning environment.

• Training will be scheduled for either 1000 or 1300 and will be communicated in the final confirmation email based upon the venue (which may change) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

• The individual's Service 'Uniform of the Day' or proper civilian attire.
• Both Military and Civilian personnel are advised to bring a jacket or sweater.

• Participants must register below for training.
• Participants must sign the attendance roster in order to receive credit for the classroom training session.
• A copy of the attendance roster will forwarded to the attendees’ Training Coordinator/Employee Development Specialist.

• Please register utilizing the form below and a confirmation email will be forwarded to email address entered.

• H.R. 1540, “National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012”
• SECNAV Instruction 12410.25B, “Civilian Employee Training and Career Development “


• All DON Civilian employees who have already completed the required face-to-face “Sexual Assault Prevention: One Team, One Fight” training may complete their annual training requirement online by September 31st of the current Fiscal Year.
• For Civilian employees without internet/intranet access, please contact your local Training Coordinator/Employee Development Specialist for assistance in obtaining a disk copy of the computer-based training.
• Civilian employees should also contact their local Training Coordinator/Employee Development Specialists to ensure proper documentation of training completion.
• The Computer-based (online) training is located on several Agency websites, to include those listed below.  The training may be listed under a different title and course number, but it is the same video presentation and interactive learning session.  Contact your local Training Coordinator/Employee Development Specialists for additional links.

Online Training Platforms:

Total Workforce Management System (TWMS)

DON Sexual Assault Prevention and Response/TWMS-576219

Marine Corps Community Service (MCCS) Employee Training

SAPR One Team One Fight (Refresher)/LM150)


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Office Hours:
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MCINCR-MCBQ Installation Sexual Assault
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SAPR Victim Advocate:

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MCINCR-MCBQ Civilian SAPR Victim Advocates:
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