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Marine Corps Heritage Center

Marine Corps Heritage Center

G-7 Performance and External Affairs

Quantico Virginia
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G-7 Performance and External serves as the Co-chair of the Marine Corps Heritage Center (MCHC) Working Group to facilitate the successful completion and operation of the MCHC and act as the sole body for elevating matters to the MCHC Executive Steering Committee (ESC).

Heritage Center

Quantico is rich in American and Marine Corps history.  Prior to its designation as a Marine Corps training site in 1917, the area was the scene of actions in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  Since 1917, Quantico has played a major role in Marine Corps history.  Currently, developments in equipment and training are taking place which will affect future Marines.  In order to preserve the heritage of past Marines, it is incumbent on all organizations to recognize the importance of maintaining memorabilia in their trust and submitting accurate historical information. G-7 works with multiple agencies to ensure that the Marine Corps History and its heritage are preserved and displayed this includes:



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