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Traffic Advisory

Ponderosa Gate Traffic Alert:
In order to expedite traffic at the Ponderosa Gate off Russell Rd./Exit 148 we are asking Authorized Upshur Village personnel to use the RIGHT LANE as you approach the gate.

Drivers headed to MCCOG, MCESG, FBI, DEA, TBS, etc, please use the LEFT LANE approaching the gate.

base access


All personnel requesting access to MCINCR-MCB Quantico must have an approved ID and be registered into the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS), prior to being allowed access to the base. DoD issued ID cards (CAC - common access card & TESLIN - retiree, dependent, reserve, individual ready reserve) do Not require any action and will be automatically enrolled into DBIDS. All other approved ID’s require registering that ID credential into DBIDS at the visitor control center, or other approved site aboard the installation. There is no cost to the individual or company to register or obtain a base access credential.

Other approved IDs that can be used for installation entry, after registration into DBIDS, are as follows:

Federal PIV Cards – DHS, FBI, DEA, State Department, etc.

Personal Identity Verification Interoperable (PIV-I) Cards – based on the same standards of vetting and issuance developed by the U.S. government for its employees, but it has been tailored for non-federal use.

Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC)

Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) Card from another military installation.

REAL ID or Enhanced ID


Authorized individuals (CAC/TESLIN card holders) who have been granted unescorted access can vouch for co-travelers in the same vehicle (allows access without going to VCC or registering in DBIDS).
• Persons in possession of a DBIDS credential or pass are NOT authorized trusted traveler/escort privileges.
• Foreign Nationals are NOT authorized to sponsor or escort others.

All short term visitors must visit the Visitor Control Center (VCC) and obtain a visitor pass for entry at the gates.

Law Enforcement personnel with appropriate credentials do not need to register but, must have a valid purpose for entry.

Prior to arrival at the Visitor Control Center, it is highly recommended that each person pre-register in DBIDS to reduce wait times. Print out the registration confirmation or write down the alpha-numeric (QR) code and bring it to the Visitor Control Center.

To enroll in DBIDS, CLICK HERE <!/ >

DOD access policy & dbids procedures

DoD access control policies require that all persons requesting access to DoD sites must be vetted by a designated government representative and/or system to:

Verify identity- The process of reviewing federally authorized acceptable documentation for authenticity (the person is who he claims to be).

Determine fitness- An evaluation of an applicant’s character and conduct/criminal history (the person meets access standards).

Purpose for access- The person (verified with a sponsor) has a valid and authorized reason to access the base.

The Department of Defense utilizes the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS) to control access to installations. Not just MCBQ or the Marine Corps.


All unaffiliated visitors MUST:
• Pre Register in DBIDS at:!/
• Have an escort (trusted traveler), Unaffiliated visitors include those desiring access to attend: weddings, retirements, changes of command, MCCS events, DODEA sporting events, delivery drivers, taxis, Uber and Lyft, hunting, fishing, conferences, club events, continuing education classes, etc.

**There is no cost to register in DBIDS**

special events

• A large number of special events are conducted on the base each week.
• The event sponsors/tenant commands are responsible for ensuring attendees are aware of base access policies/registration requirements.
The primary access procedure for special events is for all unaffiliated attendees to go to the VCC and be processed for a pass at the VCC to attend the event.
• Passes can be obtained at the VCC in advance of the event (up to 14 days).
• When requested in advance, special access procedures may be authorized for large events and events occurring at times when the VCC is closed and advanced registration is NOT possible.

The event sponsor is responsible to ensure event attendees comply with access requirements (failure to do so will likely result in delayed or denied access).
• Event sponsor submits request to CO SecBn (30 days prior to event)

mccs events

MCCS is the sponsor for open-to-the-public events that take place at TCAQ and other MCCS venues.

You do not need to do anything if you have a CAC. These ID's are automatically enrolled upon the first scan at the gate. No separate credential required.

No, you do not need to do anything if you have a DoD Teslin ID card. These are the retiree, dependent, and reserve ID cards. These ID"s are automatically enrolled upon the first scan at the gate. No separate credential required.

Individuals Must pre-enroll, go to!/ and complete the registration process within 30 Days at the Visitor Control Center, PMO bldg. 2043, or at the Commercial Vehicle Inspection Lot. Print out the online confirmation and bring to the base to complete the registration process.


To complete your DBIDS processing and receive your DBIDS credential, visit the MCB Quantico Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVI) Lot or the Provost Marshal's Office bldg. 2043. 

All individuals requiring routine access to the installation will need to register.

Pre-enrollment helps to expedite the processing time. There will be additional delays if the pre-enrollment is not completed in advance. To pre-enroll in DBIDS, CLICK HERE <!/ >

Registration times will vary.  If you complete pre-enrollment before coming to Quantico, registration should only take a few minutes.

Yes, go directly to the VCC, PMO or the CVI Lot with your DBIDS card to receive MCB Quantico permissions.

People who live and work in "Q-Town" are encouraged to register in DBIDS. Personnel who obtain a DBIDS Credential will be easily identified (preventing any possible delay) and granted immediate access without further delays.

hours of operation

Base Access Control is intended to process contractors & vendors who conduct official business aboard MCB Quantico. Registration for base access can be conducted at the MCB Quantico Visitor Control Center or the Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVI) Lot.

Business Hours:

6:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Mon-Fri) Visitor Control Center, Bldg 27031X
7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m (Sat) Visitor Control Center, Bldg 27031X

CLOSED on Sundays/Holidays
Phone: (703) 784-3023
            (703) 784-3024

VCC is located in Bldg 27031X Telegraph Rd.
Stafford, VA 22554

6:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (Mon-Fri) Commercial Vehicle Inspection (CVI) Lot
CLOSED on Weekends/Holidays


VCC map

gate hours 

•Gate 1 (Main Gate – Fuller Road) – Open 24 Hours
•Gate 4 (Back Gate – Commissary) – Open 5am-9pm
•Gate 5 (Ponderosa Y – next to CVI Lot) – Open 24 Hours
•Gate 6 (Onville Rd – TBS) – Open 5am-9pm
•MCU/Q-Town Gate – 6am-4pm Closed weekends & holidays 

town of quantico

Q-Town residents, property owners and others requiring routine access to the Town can obtain a DBIDS credential that allows access.
Persons desiring to visit Q-town without a DBIDS credential:

When VCC is open: Go to VCC and obtain a DBIDS pass

When VCC is closed:
-Q-Town residents and property owners (after showing proof) will be allowed access after a wants/warrants check at Gate 1.
-Q-Town residents and property owners enrolled in DBIDS can escort visitors that do not have a DBIDS card or pass. (after a wants/warrants check).
-Other unescorted visitors: Deny Access


taxis, ride shares, food delivery

• Drivers must be registered in DBIDS or have another approved access token (CAC/Teslin)

• Drivers without DBIDS or other access token will not be allowed to access base (fare will be dropped off at gate and command duty driver will be called)

• Drivers with passengers may NOT access as trusted travelers.

foreign nationals access

Official and Unofficial visits by Foreign Nationals require enrollment in DBIDS or an authorized escort.

The visit sponsor must also provide advance notice to PMO (date/time/names and gate) of the visit.

• All Foreign Nationals must maintain a copy of their Official Orders or appropriate documentation.

veteran access

US Military Veterans and caregivers authorized by the VA to utilize the Exchange, Commissary, and specified MWR facilities aboard the installation must go to the VCC to be vetted and registered in DBIDS.

• Must enroll in DBIDS using:
   *A VA Health Identification Card, or
   *A VA Health Eligibility Center Form H623A and a REAL ID Compliant identification.


The NoVA Defense Commuter program was established to reduce congestion and improve the commuting experience for Northern Virginia residents by increasing the use of alternative transportation methods among individuals commuting to military installations in Northern Virginia.

In order to provide a centralized location for information regarding alternative commuting methods that address the unique challenges associated with commuting to military installations, Northern Virginia Regional Commission established this NoVA Defense Commuter website. Funding support for this NoVA Defense Commuter website is provided by a Commuter Choice grant, which invests toll revenues in public transit and other multimodal projects along two expressway corridors, I-66 and I-395/95, in Northern Virginia.

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission (NVRC) is a regional council of thirteen-member local governments in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington DC.

Visit the site by clicking HERE