Who can give? ANYONE can give a cash/ check donation. For allotments, consult your payroll office: the allotment must run for a year (so EAS/ separation must be beyond Jan-Dec 2009); but NAF(MCCS)/Gov't Service (Federal Employees)/Active Duty Military can donate. Contractors are not to be solicited, but may make a cash or check donation.


Why is the USMC pushing this? President Kennedy established the CFC; prior to that, charities would call the workplace and solicit for donations. So the CFC was established: charities could not contact federal employees, but the federal government would sponsor a CFC solicitation period for up to two months of the year. This is also a benefit to employees: they can support a worthy charity of their choice, by convenient pay allotments run automatically. Although we all work very hard in the service of our Nation, the CFC is a way to stay connected with the needs of our local community, our country, and the world: we can choose a charity near to our values and directly feed the world's hungry, support youth organizations, cure diseases, support victims of domestic abuse, etc... the list of worthy causes is endless!


Can I pick a charity listed in another region's brochure? NO! Each regional campaign is different; the National Capital Region's book has different local charity numbers than Quantico's CFC; only choose numbers listed in our book. If your charity is not listed, contact them: tell them to call (703) 784-2151 (Quantico CFC Chairperson) or Rappahannock United Way at (540) 373-0041 ext 17, and they might be able to be listed next year.


What are “incentive gifts”? To recognize particularly generous donators, the “Local Fund Coordinating Committee” (LFCC; group of Quantico representatives that plan each year’s CFC) chooses “incentive gifts”.


I ran out of Pledge Cards, what now? Just print off the online adobe acrobat file; with an original signature on this copy, your payroll office can still run the allotment. Just remember to keep a photocopy for your tax records.


Is my donation tax deductable? Absolutely; all charities in the CFC are tax deductable. If you "itemize" your deductions when you do your taxes, just save a copy of your pledge card and claim it.


Will my money go to a charity that I don't like/ don't agree with? You can pick the charity your money goes to; just pick something you know, or something your friend knows. It isn't hard at all to find a charity that supports the same values as you do.


But I just gave to the CFC last year! Allotments only run for one year; from January to December. You must sign up to support your charity every year if you want to continue to support it. Also, the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society fund drive each Spring is not the CFC.


Why don’t more people give to the CFC? Many already do. For the others, often no one asks them to donate or makes them aware of the program. People need to know how much the charities truly need their support.


Who governs CFC? I’ve got more questions. CFC is regulated by Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at the federal level, with delegated execution to each local region. Web site is

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