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Quantico Mass Notification System


Mobile Alerts (aka Smartphone App) provides an alternate means to receive QMNS messages on a smartphone.  It requires the user to download a free Emergency Mass Notification System (eMNS) mobile notifier application available for iPhone Operating System (IOS) and Android devices.

Follow the following steps for setting up your QMNS via a mobile application.

1. Remove any AtHoc app from your mobile device if previously installed.

2. Search “AtHoc” in the App Store or Google Play Store.

3. Download the first BlackBerry AtHoc app. (NOT “Dynamics”)

4. Several prompts will appear on the screen:

5. “AtHoc would like to send you notifications”.  Select “Allow”.

6. “Allow AtHoc to access your location while using the app?”  Select “Allow”.

7. “Register for Alerts”.  Select “Ok”.

8. To register your Mobile Notifier account, enter an email address from your eMNS (AtHoc) user account profile page. 

NOTE:  Use an email address other than a as firewalls may prevent the AtHoc verification email from being delivered.  Add a personal email by visiting the following link (Instructions for editing a user account can be found under “Register or update QMNS profile”.  Place a link to Register for or update QMNS HERE.

9. Access your email account, and open the AtHoc email.  Click “Verify Now” link.  Android users must click the “Terms and Conditions” link first and then click “Verify Now”.

10. Reopen the AtHoc App.  Wait for the screen to change from, “Register your email…” to “Enter Organization Code”. Enter code:  “USMC”.

•NOTE: Downloadable instructions for the steps above can be found here. MobileAppRegistration_USMC_CONUS2022v1.pdf (

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