S-1 Administration


Provide exceptional personnel administrative support to all Marines and civilians assigned to Security Battalion.                               


  • When checking into the S-1, all inbound Marines will be in there Service Alphas uniform. If a Marine is not in their Service Alphas uniform they cannot continue to check-in and will be ask to return in the proper uniform of the day. It is highly recommend for Marines to have their Service Uniform as a carry on to prevent any delay pr lost baggage claims.
Inbound Interview
  • Original orders the Marine received from their previously IPAC
  • Any supporting Documentations of Billet description
Travel Voucher Interview
  • Itinerary
  • All  travel receipt
  • 45-30 days all PCS/PCA Marines may request a check-out Sheet
  • 120 days prior to EAS all separation Marines may request a check-out Sheet
  • PEB Marines may request once they received and accepted their findings
  • Once you received your checkout Sheet you may begin your terminal leave request
  • PEB Marines needs to wait for HQMC to update their EAS date
  • Refer to the enclosure on the terminal leave request for the mandatory documentations
Required uploads for the Outbound Interview Separations
  • Final Physical (Findings will be provided to the Outbound separations from HQMC)
  • Complete DD Form 2648 (Digital signed by the Company commander)
  • Personal statement
  • CO interview (this is the documentation you completed with the Career Planner)
  • Check-out Sheet from Security Battalion S-1

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Admin NCOIC 703-784-2482 

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