Centrally Managed Civilian Leadership Courses (CMCLC) are development programs for Civilian Marines starting at GS-5 through GS-15 and pay equivalents that are centrally funded by the Marine Corps. These programs are open to all civilians in any pay system, as long as they meet the GS grade equivalency requirement.

For more information: please contact Mr. M. Mark Manieri by phone at (703) 784-3101 or by email at

To participate in the CMCLC applicants compete for Marine Corps quotas.

The following are the basic steps to enroll in the program:

  • Lejeune Leadership Institute (LLI) announces courses through the Civilian Leadership Development Administrators(CLDAs)
  • CLDAs will then distribute calls for nominations through the HQMC Training Coordinators
  • Applicants will complete and route packages through their Chain-of-Command to the HQMC CLDA
  • CLDA will route completed nomination packages to a HQMC selection board
  • Packages selected by the HQMC board will be forwarded to LLI by the CLDA
  • LLI will make the final selection(s) and applicants will be notified if selected or not

Programs vary regarding time away from the office and on-the-job assignments; and dates vary from year to year.

Click the link below to view all of the  Centrally Mangaged Civilian Leadership Courses (CMCLC) that Civilian Marines may apply for

The Center for Leadership and Management at Graduate School USA


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Attention: The CLD Program needs Mentors! A very rewarding experience can be just at your fingertips! Become a vital part of the CLD Program – help to guide, develop, and lead our participants through their journey in CLD! [Click Here]to learn more about becoming a Mentor. 
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