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USMC Female Marine PFT training program online

29 Jan 2013 | Sgt. Rebekka S. Heite Marine Corps Base Quantico

Training and Education Command has developed a website,, to help female Marines meet the new requirements set forth in All Marine Message 046/12: pull-ups.

The website, designed by TECOM, with help from Semper Fit and the Physical Fitness Advisor at Parris Island, S.C., and their staff, will be updated regularly with different fitness programs and new resources as they become available, said Brian McGuire, Physical Readiness Programs officer.

“Marines should check the site for updates every two weeks,” said McGuire, who has a degree in exercise science and sports medicine and is a colonel in the Marine Corps Reserve. He was also the lead action officer for development and implementation of the Combat Fitness Test.

Updates coming soon to the website include a program for recruiters and poolees or for those without ready access to a gym, he said.

Currently there are three programs: a six-week initial program, a six-week advanced program and a four-week sustainment program.

“All of these programs are meant to be seen as a complement to regular [physical training],” said McGuire. “We’re not at a cold start on this as many female Marines have incorporated pull-up training into their exercise programs for a while now.”

Sgt. Yari Kobus, personnel chief, Marine Helicopter Squadron One, is currently completing the initial program and has already improved her pull-up count to five in the two months since the ALMAR was released.

 “I’m going to do eight pull-ups for this PFT,” she said. “It’s like losing weight; those last three are the hardest.”

Along with the programs, the website also lists all Marine Corps installations with their fitness centers and amenities under the resource tab. Information listed includes a phone number, hours of operation, and whether the center has a High Intensity Tactical Training center, pool or other resources available including group and unit PT.

“It’s a good resource,” said Kobus. “Not all female Marines know how to develop [the muscles necessary to do a pull-up].  I like how the website breaks down the training. If you’re scared, go back to the basics,” she said.

McGuire added the key to getting stronger is “specificity and overload.”

“To get better, one must do the exercise and progressively challenge the muscles to do more,” he added.

Also on the horizon is a USMC Fitness Website that will include programs for individual Marines and for unit physical training.

“This website will be more expansive,” said McGuire.

A Marine Administrative Message will be released when the new website is up and running. It is scheduled to be ready by the end of March.


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