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The Reserve Support Unit at Camp Upshur helps more than just reservists but active duty and civilians as well, all-year round. In 2012, the RSU coordinated different types of training for nearly 200 units.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Antwaun L. Jefferson

No matter if it’s raining, they are still scheduling training

28 Jan 2013 | Lance Cpl. Antwaun L. Jefferson Marine Corps Base Quantico

Training is a way of life for Marines, whether active duty or reservists. That is why all-year round, the Marines and civilians of the Reserve Support Unit at Camp Upshur are dedicated to getting the Marines all the training they need to accomplish their missions.

“When people hear ‘Reserve Support Unit’ they think about reenlistments or joining the reserves,” said Sgt. Richard McCain, operations chief, RSU. “But that is not what we do here.”

The RSU actually provides administrative, training and logistical support to reserve component individuals and units serving aboard Quantico. On top of that, they also cater to units from different branches of services and civilian entities not on base such as the Navy Junior ROTC.

In 2012, the RSU coordinated different types of training for nearly 200 units.

“No matter if they are doing the maneuver range, gas chamber or swim qualification we coordinate with the units that own that property whether range control, The Basic School or Weapons Training Battalion to get that reserve unit locked on,” McCain said.

Three of the most used training elements by units have been the Humvee Egress Assistance Trainer, MRAP Egress Trainer and the Virtual Convoy Combat Trainer.

The egress trainers are designed to train military members how to react during emergency egress situations. The machines reinforced the importance of seat positioning and wearing seatbelts while demonstrating the feeling of being disoriented and the effort that is required to execute rollover and emergency egress procedures.

There is also an Operator Driver Simulator. This training device, similar to their Virtual Convoy Combat Trainer, trains vehicle operators on multiple vehicle platforms to include two MRAP variants. The trainer uses a manufactured cab with interchangeable dash sets that replicate the look and functionality of the vehicle chosen for simulation.

In addition to the simulators at Upshur, units can tackle an obstacle course and use the tree lines. If live-fire exercise is what a unit needs, that can be arranged by the RSU, as well.

“We love providing units with high quality training because we are here for them,” said Cpl. Derrick Trexler, training simulation chief, RSU. “We want everyone to be safe and well prepared for when they go out and actually perform these tasks, whether in the fleet or overseas.”

Reserve units wanting to schedule training can contact the RSU at 703-784-5393.

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