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A sign near the entrance to the fitness center announces the upcoming improvements to the facility and dates that some areas may be closed for the refresh.

Photo by Photo by Valerie O'Berry

Quantico Fitness Center undergoing a “refresh” with new paint, floors and more

5 Feb 2018 | Valerie O'Berry/Editor Marine Corps Base Quantico

The Barber Physical Activity Center (BPAC) is almost 15 years old and Quantico Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) is now in the process of an improvement project―phase one― to make the popular all-inclusive physical fitness center more enjoyable for those who use it.  Phase two of the project is currently in the planning stages.  The improvement project is part of a “refresh cycle” that normally takes place.

The center is host to approximately 325,000 active duty service members, their families, retirees, reservists and Department of Defense civilians aboard Quantico per year, thus making it a high-traffic area that requires occasional maintenance to keep it looking good and meeting the contemporary needs of patrons.  BPAC was one of the first  all-inclusive fitness centers in the Marine Corps and it offers everything from the best workout equipment, exercise classes, free weights,  a Health Promotions Center (with a full service kitchen, which provides hands-on healthy cooking and education classes) and even a smoothie bar for a healthy cool down after a  hard workout.

The updates to BPAC will include fresh paint throughout the building, updating of both the men’s and women’s locker rooms and bathrooms and replacement of the main floor on the lower level.    Patrons may have already noticed that the upstairs floor in the workout room has been replaced with a workout-friendly, soft floor that provides support and is black with white speckles in accordance with the new color scheme that will be implemented.

BPAC will receive a complete color scheme update on the walls going from the current gold, maroon and brown paint to different tones of gray, with some of the gray being so light that it may appear white.  The colors were chosen to compliment the new floors that will be installed and should create a brighter, more airy feeling throughout the facility, according to Michelle Vukovich, director, Semper Fit and Recreation.   Painting has already started and is expected to last through April 20.  However, operations should not be affected due to the painting.

In the meantime, as part of the painting of the walls, MCCS’ Vukovich will be implementing a very special project that will enhance the look of the facility.  In addition to fresh paint, the walls will also provide inspiration to all who enter the facility.  Plans to paint inspirational quotes on the walls are underway and these words will come from the Marines on base.

“We plan to solicit these inspirational quotes from Marines right here on base,” Vukovich said.  Implementing this part of the project will begin in the very near future and the best quotes will be put on the walls for all to see and be inspired by.

The men’s locker room is currently closed for the refresh and will remain closed through March 9 as work will be in progress to provide the area with an “entire new look,” according to Vukovich.  Almost everything will be replaced and will include new showers, toilets, urinals, partitions, new vanities, sinks, faucets, flooring, wall tile and fresh paint.

The women’s locker room will be closed from March 12‒18 for its update, which will include new vanities, sinks, faucets and paint.  The rest of the area will be refreshed in the next year during phase two of the improvement project as funding permits, according to Vukovich.

Men’s and women’s bathrooms are also included in the phase one plans and new sinks, vanities, faucets and fresh paint will be accomplished.  The men’s bathroom will be closed March 19‒21 while the women’s bathroom will be closed March 22‒24 to accomplish the necessary work.

“The improvements are being made to maintain a state of the art fitness facility, said Vukovich.  “MCCS strives to provide quality facilities, programs and services that meet or exceed our patron’s expectations.  We not only want to provide the highest in customer service, but we want to improve upon our customers’ experience so they want to come and use BPAC and feel good about spending time at this facility.”

BPAC will be closed Feb. 16-19 along with 24 hour access for the tile floor demolition project due to safety concerns.

For up to date information call Veronica Nelson, Fitness Director at 703-784-2672.

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