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Points of Contact

Front Office:

Administrative Assistant: 703-432-2445

Procurement Chief: 703-784-3594

Management Analyst: 703-784-2806

Procurement, Policy, Quality and Metrics (PPQM):

Branch Chief: 703-784-5701 
Lead Operations Support: 703-784-3527 
Future Bus Ops Lead: 703-784-2807

Red Branch

Branch Chief: 703-432-1178 
Lead Specialist (Large): 703-784-3595

Lead Specialist (SAP): 703-784-1930

White Branch

Branch Chief: 703-784-1920

Lead Specialist (Large): 703-784-1385

Lead Specialist (SAP): 703-784-0081

Blue Branch

Branch Chief: 703-784-3467

Lead Specialist (Large): 703-784-1931

Lead Specialist (SAP): 703-784-1927

Green Branch

Branch Chief: 703-784-1158

Lead Specialist (Large): 703-432-1927

Lead Specialist (SAP): 703-432-1918

Government Commercial Purchase Card (GCPC)

Branch Chief: 703-784-2921

Deputy APC: 703-784-2968

Small Business Office: 703-432-4785

Team assignment list

Special Attention Waiver Listing