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More than 200 Marines, family members and civilians enjoyed the many international flavors of wine and food during the Seventh Annual International Wine and Food Festival held at the Clubs at Quantico on March 27.

Photo by John Hollis

International Wine, Food Festival draws 200 people

2 Apr 2015 | John Hollis Marine Corps Base Quantico

Dan and Joyce Kolpin already had a preferred way of doing things in mind as they carefully made the rounds at the Seventh Annual International Wine and Food Festival held at the Clubs at Quantico on Friday.

“We do the whites [wines] first,” said Dan Kolpin, a retired Air Force veteran, “then we do the reds. That doesn’t upset your pallet as much.”

Such are the perks of having attended every previous such festival held annually aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico and learned to successfully navigate a room full of internationally flavored foods and wines.

The latest occasion, which drew roughly 200 Marines, family members and civilians, again proved a dream come true for those in the Quantico community who value sampling decidedly different culinary and beverage menus on occasion.

“It’s become a mainstay,” said Gary Munyan, director of food and hospitality, Marine Corps Community Services. “[Quantico] is the crossroads of the Marine Corps. Marines travel all around the world, so I think they like that we have wine from all over the world and food from all over the world.”

He’d get no argument from the Kolpins.

“The food is delicious and the wine is excellent,” said Joyce Kolpin, a retired civil servant. “They get better each year.”

Staff Sgt. Jason McKinney, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, was attending with his wife, Bethany, and both enjoyed the variety from which they could choose.

“I love it,” Jason McKinney said. “It’s a good way to experience different types of wines without having to buy a full bottle.”

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