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Jill Stone helps her son set up his bowling ball during the mother-son bowling event at the Quantico Bowling Center on Friday.

Photo by Eve A. Baker

Quantico Bowling Center hosts mother-son bowling event

30 Mar 2015 | Eve A. Baker Marine Corps Base Quantico

The Quantico Bowling Center hosted a mother-son bowling event on Friday. The event offered mothers and sons the chance to bowl for an hour for $5 per person, with shoe rental included in the cost. Ordinarily, the charges are $3 per person per game and $2.75 for shoes. The special event allowed unlimited bowling for an hour, rather than a single round or set number of games. Daughters were not turned away, despite the title of the event, and they also qualified for the discounted price.

Paul Hale, a shift manager at the QBC, said the center offers a discounted family bowling night in some form a few times per year. Last year there was a mother-child bowling event on Mother’s Day during which mothers bowled for free.

The event was advertised on the marquees in front of Little Hall and near the gates, as well as on-screen on the televisions in the food court at the Main Exchange, on the MCCS website, and on flyers posted around base.

Base resident Jill Stone said she saw the message on the MCCS Facebook page and thought it would be fun to take her son Tyler, 6. She and Tyler shared a lane and bowled for an hour Friday evening. Stone said they only bowl a few times per year, but they do enjoy it when they get the chance.

Other groups of mothers and young children were in attendance, as well as mothers and teenagers. Joy Miyamasu and her son Brenton, 15, came to get out of the house and bowl together, Joy said.

A big attraction for the children is the interactive, touch-screen scorekeeping device offered in each lane. Bowlers can select a theme, ranging from dinosaurs, cartoon characters, extreme sports pictures, personalized photographic caricatures and others, and the images will be displayed on a monitor over the lane as well as on the scorekeeping unit. They can message their friends bowling in other lanes as well. There is also a snack bar at the bowling center, to keep hungry young bowlers satisfied.

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