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Open Enrollment for NHCQ to close this week

30 Oct 2014 | John Hollis Marine Corps Base Quantico

It’s the one question that Naval Health Clinic Quantico officials have heard most regarding their recent enrollment recapture initiative.

Eligible families considering the offer to re-enroll at NHCQ want to be sure that they will be able to receive specialty care in a timely way should they choose to receive their medical care at Marine Corps Base Quantico.

But Capt. Gordon Smith, commanding officer, Nurse Corps, NHCQ, says his clinic’s family friendly Medical Home Port teams are more than ready to treat all service members and their families to world-class care.

“Overall, we understand military families,” Smith said. “We are in a better position to take care of them.”

That message was the gist of last week’s two days of town hall meetings designed to get word out about the clinic’s return to a full staff following years of multiple deployments overseas that forced the clinic to cut back on services here.

NHCQ sent out invitations to more than 500 families living within a 30-mile radius who are currently not enrolled at the clinic. Along with the invitation, TRICARE prime beneficiaries received prepaid postcards to fill out and send back indicating whether they wish to enroll in the clinic or remain with their network provider. Beneficiaries have until Saturday to respond.

The Medical Home Port teams, which will be able treat service members and their entire families, consist of an array of doctors of varying specialties, nurses, corpsmen and a specific primary care manager to highlight the clinic’s patient-centered care. That same level of care is available at any of the of the nine medical treatment facilities throughout the National Capital Region and beyond.

And that care comes with a decidedly more personal touch, said Lt. Cmdr. Linda Alana Huber, director health services, NHCQ.

“They do remember you because you’re going to see the same people every time you come in,” she said.

NHCQ officials also pointed out the convenience of a one-stop medical facility, where patients are able to see a provider and get X-rays, labs and medications without leaving the building. Modern conveniences such as on-line appointment making are also available to those who enroll at the clinic.

In addition, the clinic will also be extending services for the first time since 2003 to active duty service members preparing to transition to retirement. Those eligible will be grandfathered in.

“We don’t care who they are,” Smith said. “If they are eligible to be seen, we want to see them.”


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