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Established in 1918, the Quantico Marine Corps Band is one of the oldest professional musical ensembles in the Marine Corps. The band is comprised of a ceremonial band and concert band equipped to provide musical support as directed by the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Commanding Officer of Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region-MCB Quantico. In addition, the band maintains a number of small ensembles, including a brass quintet, woodwind quintet, rock/show band, Dixie-land band, and jazz combo. With an authorized strength of one officer and 50 enlisted Marines, the band has performed at many recognized civilian events; including the Super Bowl XLI Pregame Show, the 9/11 Memorials at Carnegie Hall and the Town Arts Theatre, Times Square, the Macy’s Thanksgiving and Columbus Day Parades in New York City, numerous consecutive appearances at The Virginia International Tattoo, and the Opening Ceremony for the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The band has also performed at the Winter Garden of the World Financial Center overlooking Ground Zero. The band’s mission is to provide musical support that will encourage community relations, enhance troop morale, and promote the Marine Corps recruiting program through its demanding performance schedule. As well as musical support, the members of the band also fulfill their duties as Marine Riflemen. In support of the War in Iraq, 17 members of the band were attached to Task Force National Capitol Region and deployed conducting combat operations. These Marines returned to the band in June 2008.


The Quantico Marine Corps Band has received numerous military and civilian citations, letters of commendation and letters of appreciation. The group entertains audiences performing classic to contemporary pieces at more than 350 performances annually across the Eastern Seaboard, covering more than 50,000 miles.

Command Element 

Chief Warrant Officer 3 K. T. Genovese
Director, Officer in Charge

Master Sergeant S. L. Davis

Staff Sergeant A. K. Carpenter
Enlisted Conductor

Staff Sergeant R. Berninger 
Drum Major 

Gunnery Sergeant D. M. Birkby
Small Ensemble Leader

Gunnery Sergeant J. E. Harned
Instrument Repair Technician


Request the band

The band can be contacted in a number of ways to help support your request. The first person to contact for any type of request is the Bandmaster who can be reached at:

1. Phone - Commercial: 703-784-2939 or DSN 278-2939

2. Fax: Commercial Only 703-784-2942

3. Email: 


Request Forms


Military Request - This form is a Microsoft Word file.


Civilian Request - This form is an Adobe Acrobat file.


Download a free Adobe Reader @ Adobe Reader - Download


Instructions to send by email.

·         Download the appropriate form to your desktop.

·         Fill out the appropriate form and save it to your hard drive.

·         Next email a message to the with the appropriate message attached.


Instructions to send by fax.

·         Open the appropriate form and either fill out by hand or type in information

·         Next fax the form to 703-784-2942 with attention to Bandmaster, Band Request.


Some Guidance on Requests.


1. Requests should be submitted to the appropriate unit not less than 30 or more than 90 days in advance of a scheduled program.

2. All Armed Forces units have specific military missions and training requirements which may take priority over your event.

3. Participation in public programs will only be authorized when such support is in the best interests of the Department of Defense and the Military Services and does not interfere with mission or training programs.

4. In all cases, operational commitments must take priority and can cause previously scheduled appearances to be canceled.

5. Department of Defense policies require that Armed Forces participation in public events will be provided at no additional cost to the Government. The sponsor is required to pay, when necessary, the standard Military Services allowance for quarters and meals for all Armed Forces participants and for other services which have been determined in advance by the Military Services and agreed to by the sponsor.

6. All costs are binding after a unit, personnel, or exhibit has arrived at an event site, even though weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances force the event to be canceled.

Sponsor requirements


Air and bus transportation are to be provided by the sponsor unless the Marine Corps can provide military air and bus. On the occasions when transportation cannot be scheduled by the government, the sponsor will then be required to finance the transportation of our Marines to support your event.

Local ground transportation in your area is the responsibility of the sponsor. As the Band travels from the hotel to the performance site(s), restaurant(s), and other necessary locations, your drivers will need to coordinate with our schedule. Our Marines will execute the loading and unloading of all equipment. The Band will require:

(1) 47 passenger bus

(2) 12 passenger van

(3) 5 ton truck with lift, covered and securable

On the occasion when the Government can provide ground transportation requirements, the Bandmaster will inform the sponsor.

Meals and Lodging

The sponsor pays for all meals and lodging for Marines while in your area. Meals will consist of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, of which, two must be hot. Meal times must remain flexible due to the Band‘s transportation, rehearsal, and performance schedule. Equally important are the hotel/motel accommodations for our personnel, approximately 51 Marines (41 males and 10 females). Please contact the Band for exact numbers. These rooms should be set up in advance to eliminate delays during check-in. We should require no more than 11 singles and 20 doubles. To maintain and control accountability, we are unable to accept housing in private homes.

Please refer to the “Suggested Contacts” page in this booklet for ideas on involving community support and defraying the cost of sponsoring a Marine Corps Band.



Quantico Marine Corps Band performances are presented as a public service to the community; therefore, must be free of charge and open to the general public. We recommend printing free admission tickets for indoor performances requiring crowd control. Concert tickets should not be numbered. A request by mail system is effective; individuals who take the time to complete a written request for tickets are most likely to attend the performance. Limiting distribution of ticket per address may be necessary. Each publicity flyer and newspaper ad should include the address to mail the ticket requests.


When applicable, a scheduled program for your event will be included in the Program Information section of this Press Package for duplication and distribution. Should a clean copy be needed for reproduction, please contact the Band’s Public Affairs Office.

Prospective program ushers may be found within local ROTC units, high school band members, or scout troops.

Performance Sites

The following outline will provide the necessary requirements of the sponsor:

1. General Requirements

·         Securable changing areas with chairs, tables, and racks or hooks for clothing bags/uniforms

·         Large changing room for 40 male Marines.

·         Changing room for 10 female Marines.

·         Warm-up room or area (if changing area is not large enough) for 51 Marines to stand in a formation. This room should be close to the performance area.

2. Concert Requirements

·         Electrical outlets for sound equipment and electrical instruments.

·         Music stands and chairs with no arms for 45 musicians.

·         Stage area or open area of at least 40 feet across by 30 feet depth with appropriate backdrop or scenic view.

·         Inclement weather plan meeting above requirements.

3. Additional Requirements:

·         Additional expenses such as auditorium rental, lighting, heating, publicity costs, custodial fees, and security are the responsibility of the local authorities or sponsor(s).


Media promotion/publicity will always maximize the event and audience attendance. The promotional materials contained in this press package include Band biographies, ensemble descriptions, a personnel roster, and press release information suitable for radio and/or television public service announcements. You are welcome to use all promotional materials contained in this press package for publicity purposes. If we can provide additional support materials for your organization, please do not hesitate to call.

When a member of the Band is identified as a resident from your area, the Band Public Affairs Office will provide the Marine’s biography and photograph for publication. During past concerts, special authorization was granted by our command to include a promotion ceremony on one of our Marines. This highlight was witnessed by concert attendees from the communities. Additionally, when scheduling permits, a public affairs photographer from our Command will accompany the Band, further publicizing your event through various Marine Corps publications.

The following outline is provided for your promotional campaign:

2 weeks prior to event

Full page ad containing Band biography, picture, time, location, free admission information, and coupon for ticket requests (if necessary).


1 week prior to event

PSA, entertainment ad, post flyers within community, provide coupon for ticket requests.


4 days prior to event

PSA, newspaper story and photo of local Marine Band member (if applicable), provide coupon for ticket requests (mention last day for mail-ins, and location of ticket pick-up).


2-3 days prior to event



1 day prior to event

PSA, newspaper story and photo of the Band’s Director

Suggested Contacts

In an effort to promote community awareness and possible support of your event, a list of the following organizations is provided which have proven to be an asset to past Band sponsors.

Local Marine Corps Recruiter

It is highly recommended for all sponsors to contact the local recruiter for possible support, advertisement to area Marines (past and present), and prospective recruiting purposes.



Marine Corps Musician Technical Assistant (MTA)

The regional MTA is a trained musician who assists the local recruiter with all aspects of Marine Corps Bands and instrumental auditions. The MTA will use this time to become familiar with community events, high schools, and colleges for future Marine Corps Band requirements and auditions.



Area VFW, American Legion, Marine Corps League

During past performances, these organizations have been extremely supportive to the sponsor by providing advertisement within their establishments, meals, social gatherings, and transportation.



High School and College Band Directors

Music educators can promote awareness and attendance to the concert and encourage participation of your civic event, as well as other supportive roles mentioned above.



Community Music and Instrument Stores

Local vendors are enthusiastic toward the promotion of fine arts. A coordinated effort between the sponsor and the business is not only beneficial for them, but especially a valuable promotion tool for the event due to the many contacts with community leaders, educators, professional musicians, and students.



Hotels and Restaurants

Many hotels and restaurants will cooperate by offering the sponsor a discount or possible full support of funding to a Marine Corps Band with regard to lodging and meals.

Musical Technical Assistants


1st Marine Corps District



GARDEN CITY, NY 11530-4761

PHONE: 516-228-5614


BUSINESS CELL: 516-972-8702

8th Marine Corps District




NEW ORLEANS, LA 70142-5100

PHONE: 504-678-2364

FAX: 504-678-2733

BUSINESS CELL: 504-296 5067



4th Marine Corps District



P O BOX 806



PHONE: 717-770-4659

FAX: 717-770-4536

BUSINESS CELL:717-440-2943


9th Marine Corps District


3805 EAST 155TH ST BLDG 710

KANSAS CITY, MO 64147-1309

PHONE: 816-843-3920

FAX: 816-843-3968

BUSINESS CELL: 816-916-2671



6th Marine Corps District



BLDG903 BOX 19201 MCRD


PHONE: 843-338-3913

FAX: 843-228-2820

BUSINESS CELL: 843-298-1944


12th Marine Corps District




SAN DIEGO, CA 92140-5191

PHONE: 619-542-5581

FAX: 619-542-5511

BUSINESS CELL: 916-733-0232

Media Material





15-Second Spot (Air Time)

The Quantico Marine Corps Band, on tour from Quantico, Virginia, will be in the (city/town) area on (day/date) at (location). This patriotic program, sponsored by (sponsor), is free and open to the public and will begin at (time).


Comm. No. (703)784-2939

Comm. Fax (703)784 2942

DSN 278-2939


Quantico Marine Corps Band

Attn: Public Affairs

2006 Hawkins Ave

Quantico VA, 22134






30-Second Spot (Air Time)

From Quantico, Virginia, the Quantico Marine Corps Band will present a very special (afternoon/evening) of musical entertainment in the (city/town) area on (date). With an authorized strength of one officer and 50 enlisted Marines, the ensemble promised an exciting, versatile concert that the entire family will enjoy. The program will be selected from the Band’s extensive repertoire, to include familiar marches, traditional classics, patriotic favorites, jazz, country, and popular contemporary music. This concert is free and open to the pulic. The performance will take place at (location)

on (day/date) and is set to begin at (time). For more information, contact (sponsor).


Comm. No. (703)784-2939

Comm. Fax (703)784 2942

DSN 278-2939


Quantico Marine Corps Band

Attn: Public Affairs

2006 Hawkins Ave

Quantico VA, 22134













45-Second Spot (Air Time)

The Quantico Marine Corps Band, currently on tour from Quantico, Virginia, will present a memorable (afternoon/evening) of musical entertainment in the (city/town) area on (date).

Spanning the continental United States, the musicians of this Marine Corps Band entertain audiences at more than 225 performances each year. With an authorized strength of one officer and 50 enlisted marines, the band travels in excess of 50,000 miles annually carrying on a long-standing tradition of excellence and service to both Corps and Country.

The Band promises an exciting program that the entire family is sure to enjoy. Performance numbers may be selected from familiar marches, traditional classics, patriotic favorites, big band sounds, jazz, country, and Top 40 hits.

This concert, sponsored by (sponsor), is free and open to the public. The performance will take place on (day/date) at (location) and is set to begin at (time).


Comm. No. (703)784-2939

Comm. Fax (703)784 2942

DSN 278-2939


Quantico Marine Corps Band

Attn: Public Affairs

2006 Hawkins Ave

Quantico VA, 22134


Contact Information



For public affairs information concerning the Band, contact:

Comm. No. (703)784-2939

Comm. Fax (703)784 2942

DSN 278-2939

Quantico Marine Corps Band

Attn: Public Affairs

2006 Hawkins Ave

Quantico VA, 22134




3090 Roan Street
Quantico ,VA 22134
Duty Non-Commissioned Officer:
Director, Officer in Charge:



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