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Quantico Mass Notification System

 register for or update qmns profile

Quantico Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) NIPR users - copy & paste the following self-service URL into any browser, besides Internet Explorer (Hover your mouse curser over the globe to determine assigned organization if you are unsure), Then follow the remaining steps to register for or update your QMNS Profile.

1. Select "Acknowledge" at the bottom of the USG disclosure statement. 

2. When prompted, select your appropriate CAC (PIV) Certificate (it will contain the word “Authentication”).  Click “OK.”

3. Select "My Profile" at the top of the self-service page.

4. Select "Edit" to continue editing your personal information.  This should include your work phone number, work email address, and all other information requested. 

5. Under "Basic Information," find "Organizational Hierarchy" and click "Select." Select your position/ location within your organization.  Click "Apply" then “Save”. 

Update your profile any time you have a change.
Marine Corps Base Quantico