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MCBQ Base Access

 what is a trusted traveler?

1. Authorized individuals (CAC/TESLIN card holders) who have been granted unescorted access can vouch for no more than 5 co-travelers (allows access for guests without going to VCC or registering in DBIDS).
2. The trusted traveler designee is responsible for the actions of all co-travelers while they are on-base.
3. The trusted traveler designee must have sufficient knowledge of the co-travelers to legitimately vouch for their identity, fitness, and purpose.  
4. The trusted traveler (designee) designation is only authorized for persons granted continued unescorted access who have been identity proofed, received a favorable fitness determination, have a valid purpose for access, and possess an approved DoD or federal privilege card. 
5. Persons in possession of a DBIDS credential or pass are NOT authorized trusted traveler privileges.
6. Foreign Nationals and foreign visitors are NOT authorized to sponsor or escort others. 
7. Lyft, Uber and other taxi/ride share drivers cannot access the Base as trusted travelers.
8. When the Visitor Control Center is closed, trusted travelers are authorized to escort co-travelers in a separate vehicle (limit one additional vehicle per trusted traveler).  The trusted traveler is responsible for all co-travelers and must maintain continuous sight of the other vehicle. 

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