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 foreign visitors



Approved Foreign Visitors and their guests must coordinate the visit through the Services Section of the Provost Marshal Office at (703) 784-4423 or (703) 432-0341.

A minimum of 10 days notification in advance of the visit is required to allow for adequate screening time. 













1. The US Government sponsor provides a letter with the following information:

First name, last name, middle name
Date of birth and place of birth
Passport number and citizenship
Dates of stay
Government sponsor
Location of residence aboard base
Purpose of visit

2. No later than 10 business days prior to the visit, the government sponsor provides the letter to:

Provost Marshal Office Services Section (703) 784-4423, 2043 Barnett Avenue

Installation Protection Branch, G-3, MCINCR-MCBQ at

3. Ensure you bring at least two of the following documents to the Marine Corps Base Quantico Visitors Center:

Permanent Resident Card/Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551)
Foreign Passport with a temporary (I-551) stamp or temporary (I-551) printed notation on a machine-readable immigrant visa
An employment authorization document that contains a photograph (Form I-766)
Photo Identification card issued by the visitor’s local, state, or federal govt. 

Marine Corps Base Quantico