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CAC - DEERS - ID Card Center - Official Passports

Enforce regulation and establish procedures for issue and recovery of all DoD identification/Common Access Cards. In addition, the DEERS/Real-time Automated Personnel Identification System provides a computerized information service to the enrollment of individuals eligible for Uniformed Services benefits in order to reduce potential fraud, waste, and abuse associated with obtaining benefits.

Hours of Operation
Appointments: 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Friday

Walk-in: 7 a.m. – 3 p.m., Monday – Friday

Walk-in customers are assisted on a first-come-first-served basis. The walk-in service may be stopped earlier than 3 p.m. depending on the number of persons waiting for service.

MCB Quantico DEERS/ID Card Center closures:

  • April 8 - Closed at 2 p.m. for Training
  • April 16  - Closed all day Marine Security Guard
  • May 6  - Closed at 2 p.m. for Training
  • May 13 - Closed The Basic School processing

  • May 25 - Closed Memorial Day Holiday

  • June 10 - Closed at 2 p.m. for Training

No identification cards, Common Access Cards (CACs), certificates, pin resets or other DEERS/RAPIDS services will be available during these times.

Required Information
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To schedule an appointment for official passports, contact the passport agent at 703-784-1488.

Appointments are for individuals only and separate appointments are required for each person. The appointment is not a guarantee, and the waiting time for persons with appointments may vary. Appointments have a 10 minute grace period.


To make an appointment, visit:  .

Walk-in customers are assisted on a first-come-first-served basis. Walk-in customers are accepted Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. The walk-in service may be stopped earlier than 3 p.m. depending on the number of persons waiting for service.
DoD Common Access Card (CAC) holders may access their DEERS record to make changes, perform CAC updates (e.g., add or change email certificates), or sign the DD Form 1172-2 (1/2014) using RAPIDS Self-Service (RSS): .
Persons over the age of 18, persons requesting a CAC, and dependent spouses must present two forms of identification for ID card issuance (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpar. 4.a). See USCIS Form I-9 for acceptable forms of identification.
Persons under the age of 18 must provide documentation for the initial verification of eligibility or proof of relationship to the sponsor [typically birth certificate and parents' marriage certificate] (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpar. 4.a.(1)).
All documents must be certified by the custodian of the original document (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpars. 4.a and 4.b). A notarized copy may not be considered a certified copy depending on the laws of the state that issued the original document.
Some changes to records (e.g., promotion, retirement) are not immediate and may take several weeks to be appear in the DEERS record. Documentation may be required to update the record before ID issuance.
Persons eligible for a CAC must be entered into the DEERS database by an authoritative personnel data feed from the appropriate agency. Records for newly-hired civilian employees are typically created between 5 to 7 business days from the date of hire.
Replacement of a lost or stolen CAC requires documentation from the appropriate security office or CAC sponsor confirming that the CAC has been reported lost or stolen (DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, encl. 2, subpar. 5.c.(3)).
A properly verified and signed DD Form 1172-2 is required for dependent enrollment and dependent ID card issuance. The sponsor must sign the DD Form 1172-2 in the presence of a RAPIDS official, or have the signature notarized, or sign the form with a CAC.
A letter from the school registrar certifying current, full-time enrollment with anticipated graduation date, and a support statement by the sponsor on the DD Form 1172-2 is required in addition to the other requirements for dependent ID card issuance.
Required documents: 1) Marriage certificate, 2) spouse's birth certificate, 3) spouse's social security card, and 4) an acceptable form of picture identification. See USCIS Form I-9 for acceptable forms of identification.
Required documents: 1) Child's birth certificate or hospital proof of birth, and 2) child's social security card. A marriage certificate is required for enrollment of step-children.
For Male Members; Required documents: 1) Court order (judicial determination of paternity) or a Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity, 2) child's birth certificate and 3) child's social security card (AFI 36-3026 I, par. 4.9).
Required documents: 1) Letter from the Veterans Administration showing eligibility, 2) DD Form 214, 3) birth certificate, 4) social security card, and 5) an acceptable form of picture identification.
DoDI 1000.13, (1/23/2014); DoDM 1000.13-M-V1, (1/23/2014); DoDM 1000.13-M-V2, (1/23/2014); Joint Inter-Service Instruction AFI 36-3026 IP, Volume I (6/17/2009) [MCO P5512.11B].
This list includes the most commonly encountered scenarios at this facility and is not comprehensive. Please contact our office at 703-784-2750 between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday if you require further assistance.
Contact Information

Quantico, VA 22134
Due to renovations in Little Hall the Deers office will be in the trailers across from the 7-Day Store

DEERS/ID Card Center: