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Substance Abuse Control Officer


Substance Abuse Control Officer

Headquarters & Service Battalion

Substance Abuse Control Officer

Alcohol Use

The Marine Corps objective is to eliminate alcohol abuse. Combating the debilitating threat posed by alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency on both Marines and mission readiness requires a total commitment from all levels of leadership. Leaders must be alert to characteristics of alcohol abuse and with the symptoms of the disease of alcohol dependency. All leaders must not in any way promote or condone alcohol misuse.

Drug Use

The use of illegal drugs undermines the effective performance of Marines and is contrary to the Marine Corps' Mission. Acts of use, possession, trafficking, or distribution of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia will not be tolerated. These offenses must be dealt with swiftly and effectively to the fullest extent provided for by law and regulations. Civilians engaging in such acts will be detained and turned over to a local law enforcement agency for prosecution under the applicable criminal statutes.

Suggested Resources

SACO 703-432-1474 (Office)

Marine Corps Community Servies (MCCS) Substance Abuse Program.


Military One Source



MARADMIN 520/01 Substance Abuse Prevention 
MARADMIN 709/12 Marine Corps Alcohol Screening Program
OPNAVINST 5350.7 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program Management for the Office of Chief of  Naval Operations and CNO Claimancy
SECNAVINST 5300.28E Military Substance Abuse Prevention and Control
MCO 5300.17 Marine Corps Substance Abuse Program
MCO P1900.16F  Marine Corps Separation Manual 
Letter of Instruction for the Marine Corps Alcohol Screening Program
NMCLQUANTINST 6120.20B Competence for Duty Examination, Evaluation of Sobriety, and Other Bodily Views and Intrusions

Contact Information
Phone Number: 703-432-1474

Alcoholics Anonymous
A.A. Group...Where it all begins

There is an A.A. meeting in the Battalion Classroom every Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.

Contact Information
Substance Abuse Control Officer

(703) 432-1474