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A supply or service requirement that you wish to procure by contract must be initiated with MCINCR-NCR through a Procurement Request (PR). PR Builder is a web-based Procurement Request tool which makes it easy to generate, track, and process PRs and funding documents from anywhere in the world where Internet access is available.

The PR Builder process has many advantages. In addition to being easy to use, PR Builder provides customized workflows and interfaces with SABRS (Standard Accounting, Budgeting, and Reporting System) to automatically commit funds all supplies and services to be purchased with a contract. PR Builder has the capability of interfacing with the DoD contract writing system Standard Procurement System (SPS) which saves time by automatically populating CLIN data into the SPS inbox to include funding information. The PR Builder System is a centrally managed solution for the generation of requirements into solicitation documents.

Once an item has been submitted into PR Builder, it goes through a routing process that can take up to 5 business days depending on your workflow management. The PR is then automatically routed to SABRS for commitment. After these approvals, the PR is sent to MCINCR-RCO who reviews all of the information. If it passes approval here, then MCINCR-RCO will accept the purchase request and begins the process for obtaining the procurement. The PR can be rejected at any time during this process. It is imperative that all requirements and information are documented to ensure the prompt review and approval by all routed personnel.


Gaining Access to PR Builder

Please check with your command’s designated PR Builder User Administrator to be given access to PR Builder.

To get an account you will go to:

Click on “Register for new user account” and fill out the screen to self-register.

After you self-register, you will need to complete a DD Form 2875 and provide it to your User Admin at Complete the information at the top of the form, (Blocks 1-20). Please enter the DODAAC you registered under in Block 4. We must have a copy of this form in house before we can unlock/activate your PR Builder Account. After you get notified that your account has been activated, you need to go into PR Builder, at the top of the screen in the blue line/column you will see “Support” Click on that then CBT for the online training. The online web based training that will explain how PR Builder works. There is also online help section under “Support”.


Completing your requirements package in PR Builder

Before a requirements package can be considered complete in PR Builder, the following information must be included:

  • An entry for each line item for the submission.
    • Items such as shipping, travel, materials, and labor must have their own line item.
  • At least one recommended source of procurement.
    • Even though only one source is required, multiple sources may be specified.
    • If you have obtained a quote or other information that helped to determine the cost for the procurement package, that information should be uploaded as an attachment.
  • Select Sole Source as applicable for the procurement.
    • Items such as subscriptions and some unique equipment may only be available through one vendor. If this is the case, make sure the Sole Source box is checked.
    • While Customers can recommend Sole Source procurements, the final decision will be made by MCINCR-RCO.
  • Upload all applicable attachments, justifications, and supporting documentation.

PR Builder allows you to provide the required justification and documentation for a PR to be reviewed by the MCINCR-RCO. When accepted, it will allow the package to continue onward into the solicitation process. This documentation is called the Requirements Package and must be uploaded onto PR Builder. Select “Upload Attachments” from the PR Options drop-down on the Menu Bar to include it in the PR.

In addition to completing your purchase request in PR Builder, all customers are required to email the related attachments of your purchase request to, ensuring the PR number is in the subject line.


SAF Processing


* SABRS TRANSACTION – The SABRS Web service will be turned off while SABRS is locked. PR Builder will queue all SABRS transactions and send them to SABRS once year end processing is complete. Please note that no error messages will be received by Financial Approvers and FHAOs when sending documents to SABRS.

* SAF RELEASE DATES - please ensure SAF documents do not have a release date of October 1. This is not a realistic release date for funds to be available. To change the release dates on one or multiple documents, please review page 3 of the "SAF Reference Guide" (see the link below).

* INCORRECT FISCAL YEAR (FY) ASSIGNED ON SAF DOCUMENTS – please ensure SAF documents have the correct fiscal year (FY) under the Financial Information Pointers. As a Fiscal User (responsible for adding/editing the FIP), the Fiscal Year must be selected under the Financial Information Pointers (FIP) section of the document and it must match the document number/SDN. For example, if the document number is M00001-15-SU-12345, the Fiscal Year assigned must be 2015. A document number and Fiscal Year mismatch will cause the SAF modifications to fail at SABRS. Depending on the status of documents, certain actions are required, please review page 6 of the "SAF Reference Guide" (see the link below) for detailed instructions on how to correct this issue.

* SAF MODIFICATIONS - you must allow the system to run the automatic SAF MODs based on the SAF Release Date assigned on the SAF documents in order to get the commitment into SABRS. This will be done through the batch mode and not through the web service until SABRS is reopened. However, this will be transparent to the user. Please review page 4, Section 2 of the "SAF Reference Guide" (see the link below).

* CONTRACTING MANAGERS - please ensure documents in SPS/PD2 are in Approved status before the SAF MODs are sent to SPS. This will prevent failures when SAF MODs start filtering through from PRB to SPS. Please review page 4 of the "SAF Reference Guide".

* Once SABRS comes back on-line, please contact your local supporting comptroller or supply office if you receive one of the following errors when attempting to send a commitment transaction to SABRS using PR Builder. The PR Builder Help Desk is not able to assist with any SABRS related messages pertaining to financial data:

i. X03 - Invalid ACTY-ADDR-CODE (Table 208 edit) – this means the DODAAC used for the document does not have an authorization code of "00" (contact your supply office)

ii. X38 - Invalid WORK-CTR-ID, BUD-EXEC-ACTY, and BUD-EXEC-SUBACTY combination – this means that the WCI (MAC in FIP), BEA and BESA combination used in the FIP assigned on the document is not valid

(contact your supporting comptroller)

iii. X19 - Invalid COST-ACCT-CODE (Table 014 edit) SABRS TABLE PROBLEM – this means that the CAC used in the FIP assigned on the document is not valid. (contact your supporting comptroller)

SAF Reference Guide for PRBuilder


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