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Economy Act / MIPRS

No funds may be transferred outside of the Marine Corps without a specific documented review by the Contracting Office, the requiring activity's Comptroller Office and Legal.

Assisted Acquisition: A contract awarded or a task or delivery order placed on behalf of the Marine Corps by an official outside of the Marine Corps. (Example: funds MIPR'd to the Department of Interior in order to provide environmental services).


Economy Act Orders

The approval thresholds set forth in the Marine Acquisition Procedures Supplement are as follows: 

Dollar Amount    Assisting Agency     Approval Authority   Reference 

 >Micro-Purchase threshold - $5M

 DoD Agency   Contracting Officer 

FAR 17.500; DFARS 217.500(b); NMCARS 5217.503(c)(i)(A)& (B)

     > $5M   DoD Agency   ADC, I&L (Contracts) SES  NMCARS 5217.503(c)(i)(A) &(B)    
     > Micro-purchase threshold - $50M  Non-DoD Agency  ADC, I&L (Contracts) SES

 NMCARS 5217.503(c)(i)(B); 5217.7802

     >$50M - $500M  Non-DoD Agency   DASN (ALM)  NMCARS 5217.7802    
     >$500M   Non-DoD Agency   ASN (RDA)   NMCARS 5217.7802    

Non-Economy Act
 Dollar Amount Assisting Agency  Approval Authority  Reference 
 < SAT Non-DOD Agency  Comptroller - Approve MIPR or NAVCOMPT Form (No Formal D&F)   ASN (FM&C) memo of Jan 2007
 > SAT Non-DOD Agency  Contracting Officer NMCARS 5217.7802(c)(I)(A) & (B) 
 > $5M - $50M Non-DOD Agency  ADC, I&L (Contracts) SES  NMCARS 5217.7802
 > $50M - $500M Non-DOD Agency  DASN (ALM)   NMCARS 5217.7802
 >$500M Non-DOD Agency  ASN (RDA)   NMCARS 5217.7802
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