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Acquisition Process

The Acquisition process is made up of five phases.

  1. Planning Phase
  2. Solicitation Phase
  3. Evaluation Phase
  4. Award Phase
  5. Post Award Phase

These phases shall be conducted by a Planning Process Team that includes:

  • Contracting Officer
  • Contract Specialist
  • Technical Experts (Customer)
  • Comptroller
  • Office of Counsel
  • Small Business

Once all the acquisition phases are covered, the purchase request will be accepted by the MCINCR-RCO office only if the Requirements Package is submitted with all the appropriate documentation to ensure a successful contract award.


Procurement Planning

RCO-NCR customers are encouraged to review the request in order to identify any supplemental documentation that may be required from other organizations. A thorough review of their request will assist our customers in providing required waivers prior to submitting the purchase request to MCINCR-RCO office.


How RCO-NCR Can Assist

RCO-NCR is committed to assisting its customers in:

  • Improving lead-times for the timely delivery of supplies and services.
  • Preparing a complete and accurate requirements package that will initiate the procurement action at via PRBuilder the first time it is submitted.
  • Assisting in the development of acquisition strategies that provide the best value to the customer in a timely manner.


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