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The Comptroller Division implements and maintains an integrated program of financial management services which matches available funds to mission requirements while providing for the proper stewardship of the taxpayers’ dollars.

Accounting Liaison Branch

Contact Information

Branch Head: 703.784.2894
Deputy Accounting Officer: 703.784.2819  

For information or assistance please call at 703-784-3585 or DSN 278-3585 

For assistance with LOAs in Citidirect, please contact 703-784-4686

Civilian Payroll Information

Civilian payroll does not hold any cash or change in the office. Payroll is located on second deck of Lejeune Hall, Room 225.

Phone: 703.784.4658/4312
HOURS: M-F 0730-1615

Civilian payroll maintains all payroll records, keyed timecards and direct deposit forms. Please contact your unit payroll representative if you have any questions regarding your timecard.

budget branch

Budget Officer: 703.784.2125
Deputy Budget Officer: 703.784.2328


For information or assistance please call at 703.784.2666 or DSN 278.2666.


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Comptroller Office
Lejeune Hall
3250 Catlin Ave
Quantico, VA 22134