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Archive: October, 2017

Past what seems to be the end of the Town of Quantico, nearly 150 boat slips line the water’s edge. Just beyond the east end of Potomac Avenue, sit two small buildings. One on either end of the road. Kayaks are stacked rows high; life jackets hang to dry in the sun, and outdoor gear waits to be fitted for its weekend destination on the Potomac River. - Kate Cutshall, outdoor commercial recreation program manager, Marine Corps Community Services speaks about the new Lunga Recreation Facility on Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, July 18, 2022. Lunga will be open for camping, fishing, kayaking, and canoeing. The facility closed in 2012 due to the discovery of unexploded ordnance. Cleanup efforts are currently being made by Marine Corps Community Services Quantico and Navy Facilities Command Washington to restore Lunga as a safe and fun place for Marines and their families. The new Lunga Recreation Facility is expected to open in the near future. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Ashley Boster)

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